Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 18

Developments This Week:
  • Blowing lots of raspberries and bubbles
  • Lots of holding our feet and legs
  • Our eye-hand coordination is getting really good
It's amazing how quickly he can see something, grab it, and get it into his mouth. He now reaches for your face and likes to touch your cheeks when you smile. He also grabs your hands to pull a toy you are holding closer.  He also rolls over and grabs toys that used to be out of his reach.  His control is amazing. I bought another set of play keys because he loves them so I have different ones for him to grab and drool all over.

Speaking of drool, holy moly.  I'm having to put Vaseline on his face during his naps and at night because it's causing a rash.  He also wears bibs now because otherwise his shirt would be soaked.  He must be teething. he bites everything and chews anything that is rigid he can put his little hands on.  It doesn't seem to bother him if he is though.  But man the drool is intense!

My Aunt (my Dad's only sibling) came this weekend to visit and my Uncle even flew in.  They were only with us for about 24 hours on their way back to Raleigh but it was so nice visiting with my family.  I feel more and more like I have so little family left that I need to see them more often, but unlike Coach all my family lives far away.  It makes missing them even harder.  But we were going through really old photos (she's doing the genealogy of our entire family) and in the process we found a bunch of photos of me as a baby. And sorry Coach, but that baby looks a lot like his momma!!  Which is funny because everyone from his family says he looks like Coach but then you see my baby photos and you go "well.... never-mind".  Which only makes it that much clearer that I have so little family.  So it's like a tic with me when someone says he looks like Coach I fly back with "no not really, he's more like me."  It makes me miss my mom.  There is so much about being a mom that makes me miss my own.  

Well my back is killing me from playing with Lloyd on the floor today and then bending over the sewing machine.  Finally finished my second quilt, this one was super simple but technically still a quilt.  I started it a while ago for my friend's son Levi who was born on September 1st. Oops.  It's really cute.  I'll have to post photos later. I desperately need a self-healing rotary mat.  Already asked Coach for it for Christmas. :)
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