Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 16

Developments this week:
  • He is definitely seeing further.  A lot further all of a sudden.  yay developing vision!
  • He has massive control over his arms now.  He wants to touch your face? he can.  He wants a toy? Not only can he roll to get it but he picks it up and can clumsily put it in his mouth.
  • Everything goes in his mouth. 
It's really been a quiet week around here.  I finished up painting the cut-ins in the living room over the weekend and that was really nice.  I didn't get to remove the rest of the wallpaper but I'm hoping soon.  I think I'm not in a rush considering I still can't decide on a wall color.  Our guest bath is smack in the center of the house, and while it's mostly Lloyd's bathroom it's also where guests use the facilities.  So although I would love to decorate with duckies, I won't because I want it to remain semi-normal (although the bath toys will probably give it away regardless).  I'm thinking a blue or green but I haven't found one I'm thrilled with.  Which is why I'm in no hurry to get the last 1/2 of the wallpaper down.  Once that's done I need to get the painter in to texture and paint, then we have to replace the mirror with 2 small ones (which I also haven't settled on).  When you only have 1 extra bathroom you have a lot of storage and usability to consider.

also made gnocchi last night, hadn't done that in a while and forgot how much it makes. Yipes.  Also made the pumpkin butter for the pumpkin macaroons I'm going to try.  I've been wanting to try making macaroons for a while and it seemed like the perfect fall recipe. Only now I have a TON of pumpkin butter, so I'm thinking pumpkin pancakes are in store for the weekend and maybe some pumpkin bread so I can use it all up before it goes bad. Yikes it made a lot. Although plus side: the house smells GREAT. 

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