Monday, October 10, 2011

Dairy, I Miss You

Since Lloyd was born I've been watching what I eat extremely carefully.  Not just because of my health but because whatever I eat, he eats. And sometimes what you eat can make your kiddo very very unhappy.  Unfortunately, something I love was immediately on the "no-no" list: milk. I had a glass with dinner, which I used to have every night (I love milk) and the subsequent gassy, fussy, screaming, inconsolable baby was totally not worth it. I had cheese on a sandwich and some ice cream another night, and ditto although not to quite the extent as that first time.  So bye-bye dairy. 

What we learned in our breastfeeding class was that if you find a food that upsets your babies tummy to remove it from your diet for 3 months and try again.  Their little digestive systems are so sensitive and they grow out of most things.  Strawberries also make the little man fussy.  I tried those again last week and blammo, gassy baby (and by the way, old man farts on an infant while hilarious mean something is up).  Now the milk products, I am much more nervous to try. 

After doing a lot of research, I figured out why milk and dairy is such a tummy issue for baby and why they tell you to be careful because if your baby has a problem with anything it'll probably be dairy.  I also figured out that even when you discover what it is that's causing all that gas, it takes cows milk 2 weeks to get out of your system. 2 weeks!  So you can see my fear.  And let me tell you, you do not realize how much dairy you eat until you can't have it! I even went so far as to order a shake while out with Coach one night and by the time they handed it to me I figured out I couldn't drink it. Talk about super disappointed.  

But last week I accidentally ordered a hamburger while out with Coach at our regular Football Friday dinner (aka, he gets home between 1-2am friday and misses his kiddo so we meet him for an early dinner before his game).  The hamburger had 2 slices of cheese (ah the glory!).  Which would have meant that 12 hours later, we would have had super gassy little man.  We didn't and he wasn't.  Now I'm not saying I'm going to drink a glass of milk (supposedly the biggest culprit is milk, cheese and other products are often fine in your diet), but you bet your tush I had some ice cream over the weekend to test my theory.  

Let me tell you: after 3 months of no dairy, to have vanilla ice cream on anything was like the ultimate decadence.  I didn't even care if Lloyd turned into Senior Crankypants.  Yum.

So basically, I'm easing myself back into the occasional diary product to see if we're all good.  I'm still sticking to my fake sandwich cheese (the pepper-jack is actually quite good), but for now I'm excited that there might be a glass of milk in my future within the next year! Holy jeeze I miss my glass of milk at night. And oreos with milk... gosh those sound amazing.  And no, soy milk is NOT the same. :(
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