Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 15

Developments This Week:
  • We are through our 3 month growth spurt, thank goodness!  We're both exhausted! But he grew over 1/2 an inch in a little over a week! jeeze!
  • Getting back on a schedule.  Naptime is full of tears these days but he's a better baby during the day now that I'm sticking to a 3 1/2 - 4 hr schedule (eats, plays for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, then sleeps for about 1 1/2-2 hours, repeat).  It's harder for Coach to hear him cry it out than me, but we both have noticed a huge difference in his attitude during his wakeful times.  Plus he's already back to sleeping super well at night.
We're still recovering from the huge growth spurt last week (wake up every 2 hours to guzzle a ridiculous amount of milk during the night made us both grumpy), but when I measured him I had to kind of chuckle because no wonder he was cranky and hungry -- a half inch in a bit over a week is a huge spurt!  No wonder he looks longer! haha.  We're mostly still in 6 month clothes but a few 9 months are starting to fit.  And I finally found a package of plain white socks (thank you target), and while I got the 6-12month size they're... well they fit.  As in, if his feet get bigger again we'll have to check out the next size. I'm glad I only got one package. 

I need to find a bunting bag once it gets a little cooler out, but who knows what size I should get!!  9 months definitely, but maybe 12 months so he'll use it through February-march? Good lordy.  Plus, I swear there is really a very limited amount of stuff out there that is gender neutral. I try no to buy ANYTHING that a little girl couldn't pull off with a cute hairbow.  And the selection is crap! I even have my sister looking at the PX and stores in Oklahoma.  How frustrating. I know I'm not the only person out there who has this problem.  It's so frustrating, especially considering the price of baby stuff--I should be able to find something that doesn't make me gag, roll my eyes, or laugh out loud.  Maybe I'm just not gender typical (sports stuff for boys, pink/princess stuff for girls), but I want things that are cute and could be both.  Frustrating. I don't want to rebuy all this stuff for #2! Especially since I think we'll probably not find out the sex for the next one (I just love the idea of being surprised next time).  Anywho, I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

I also started getting back into working out.  Well I should say that loosely.  I've started walking every morning.  I've gone every day this week, which has been easier since Lloyd is sleeping so well at night I'm now not waking up exhausted.  We walk the same route in our neighborhood, which is between 1.5 and 1.75 miles (my runkeeper ap is amazing, it tells you how fast, how far, and how long you've been exercising!).  It's a perfect distance. I tried running a little bit and holy jeebus I'm out of shape.  I walk at a pretty brisk pace, which considering I have a 16 pound baby and a 25-35 pound stroller is better than you think.  Lloyd seems to like checking everything out too.  So, considering I wasn't allowed to work out my entire pregnancy and I found out I was pregnant about October 1st of last year.... yeah no wonder.  But I am soooo close to being back to my prepregnancy weight (if you consider 15 pounds close)!  I have a friends wedding in January I'm aiming for, and I think it's totally attainable.  I got a smokin' dress and some very sexy heels that are waiting for my thinner self to arrive in.  Walk walk walk!!
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