Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 14

  • Rolling over from his back to his front, all the time!  He can pretty much make a full revolution and is constantly trying to roll over anytime he's even remotely flat on his back.  Changing diapers is getting to be challenging because he thinks it's funny.
  • First giggles. For Daddy.
It's incredible, just the past few days he's become a rolling over fool.  He rolls pretty much exclusively one direction but he will do it over and over again if you continue to roll him back over.  He thinks it's fun, then he gets frustrated and his legs start moving and pushing but his arm strength isn't there yet.  But holy moley just based on his back end activity and his desire to get places I think it's fair to say we'll have a crawler in the next couple months.

He is also hit a growth spurt. He's thinned out a little in the middle and seems longer in the legs.  As if he could get much taller for his age!  His 6 month things are fitting really well.  I need to start keeping my eye out for jackets. Also I need some plain white socks, I get so frustrated with all the designed socks people gave us that are beyond cute but match nothing!  So he always has crazy sock/outfit combo's.  Why is finding a package of plain baby socks so hard?! Makes zero sense!

But or 4pm nap is getting easier and easier.  Thankfully. Minimal crying.  But he needs it!  Poor little boy.  Speaking of, guess who is up?
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