Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 13

Developments This Week:
  • We found our thumb!  It's our new favorite snack.
  • Holding our head up all by ourself, all the time.  He now spends time daily in his jumperoo and bumpo.  He's not really sure about the Bumpo but loves the jumperoo.
  • Started our acid-relfux medicine and it's helping greatly, putting us in a much better mood most days. 
  • He noticed the dogs and is now intrigued by them. So now the feeling is mutual since they've been trying to figure him out for months now.
Things We Have Learned:
  • Sleeping through the night is still not guaranteed.  It happens, but not consistently and I haven't figured out what the trick is.  Also, he's hit another growth spurt and wonder week simultaneously so that could be another issue.  Senior CrankyPants is back. 
  • Getting dinner on the table every night is getting easier.  We had grilled chicken and veggi's last night, tonight is pumpkin curry. Last week I cooked 4/5 nights.  So I'm liking getting back into cooking even if I have to do all my prep-work in 5 minute intervals and it's super difficult to make anything with many components. At least Coach comes home to a hot meal.
  • Sitting up is our new favorite position.  If he's tired of laying down he will grab your fingers and try to pull himself up, which he's pretty successful at doing all by himself.  He loves looking around and doesn't want to miss anything.
I'm trying desperately to figure out a nap time for this little guy.  For 3 days I've gotten him to go down between 3 and 4pm.  Yesterday I accidentally let him cry it out and he passed out for an hour, the day before he did it on his own almost. Today I tried to let him cry, he went at it for a while and when I picked him up and rocked him he passed out.  So maybe it's working?  He does so much better with a nap and I am really good about not letting him fall asleep at the boob any more--I don't want him to associate food with sleep.  It's one thing when they're tiny and all they do is eat and sleep, it's a whole different thing now that he's up and playing all day.  

This week has been quiet. Recovered from my sickness, doing stuff around the house.  I'm desperate for it to be cool enough that I can open windows and finish painting.  I painted the living room while pregnant and couldn't get on the 12 foot ladder to do the cut-ins so those still remain, ditto to our bedroom ceiling cut-ins, the accent wall in our bedroom needs to be painted (it's white, blah blah), and there are 2 walls left in our dining room that never got paint either before I got pregnant.  I also have the urge to paint the 2 remaining rooms in the house without a speck on them (boy do they look grimy).  I think I'm going to go ahead and paint (what is now) the guestroom whatever color I'd like for Lloyd's toddler room since he'll go in there once #2 arrives and I don't want to paint twice.  And I want to paint the study a color for #2's nursery since I think we'll put him/her in there since Lloyd's nursery will work for a study/guestroom when we have 2 little ones.  Our bedrooms are really strangely shaped so it makes furniture placement hard even though they're large.  I just don't want to have to repaint any rooms come my next pregnancy because that smell made me vomit well into my 2nd trimester last time.  Plus why paint twice?  Maybe once nap time gets more solidified.  Also, I have plans for a quiet Saturday once Coach is recovered from football to put him on baby duty while I at least finish the cut-ins on the already painted rooms. Driving me NUTS.
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