Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 12

Developments this week:
  • Loving to sit up.
  • Recognizing and smiling at you when you get him every morning and after his nap.
  • Our first flight and trip.
  • Tons and tons of talking, new noises and sounds.
  • Able to bat and grab everything you put in front of him--including your shirt, hair, necklace, you name it.

Things we've learned:
  • Air travel with an infant is rough.  Going there wasn't so bad, but coming home was definitely exhausting.  And I came back with some kind of funk.
  • Always have at least 3-4 extra outfits when you travel. 
  • Make sure your extra outfit in your diaper bag fits.

Los Angeles was great although we're all exhausted.  I came back with a sore throat and some sinus thing that's given me a little fever.  Which makes taking care of a baby exhausting and just ridiculous. Tomorrow and Friday will be the real sucky time since at least right now Coach is entertaining the baby and able to let me sit down.  But wow Tomorrow will be hard and by Friday I'm sure whatever I have will be worse just from not being able to take it easy.  Being sick with a little one makes being sick even worse than it was before.  Something that never occurred to me before. yipes. 

Our visit to Cook Children's was reassuring.  He does not have pyloric stenosis but they did find really bad reflux, so my doctor called in some medicine that will help him keep his food down.  But looks like we're on our 2 hour feeding schedule permanently, because when I stick to it he does much better and doesn't spit up or throw up.  Which is hard to do and get anything done out of the house, but hopefully he'll grow out of it.  

Well I'm going to go lay down.  Ugh.  feel like ass.

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