Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 9

Developments This Week:
  • Our first trip (to Austin!).
  • First 8 hour sleeping cycle.
  • First nights sleeping in his crib and out of our bedroom.
Things We Learned This Week:
  • Traveling with a baby who hates the car is brutal.
  • Their schedule is the most messed up upon return to home.  We are back to only sleeping 4-5 hour stretches even though he'd been consistently sleeping at least 6 1/2 hours even in Austin.  So the 5 days of great long sleep were interrupted the night we came home. And it's gotten progressively worse every night since then. He's back in our room hoping that will help but I'm doubtful. I don't know what to do.
  • We have no idea how or if we should just let him cry it out.  He cries all the time in the afternoon from exhaustion (still no naps), and although he is not hungry and won't sleep I do not know whether or not to just let him cry or if something is wrong.  I let him cry for at least 5 minutes but I think he's too young to cry it out, then he is inconsolable and the only way he calms down is by feeding (but he doesn't really eat).  I'm sure this would be better if he took a pacifier but he still doesn't do that either. 
  • Traveling without both parents is an insane decision and I'm glad Coach came with us everywhere, even if he did crash girls night and the baby shower so he could handle Lloyd until he started getting so worked up only mommy and the boobs could calm him down.
I should write a whole blog on our trip. it was great but we do, in fact, have one of the only babies who hates HATES the car. he goes an average of 45 minutes without screaming so much he starts almost aspirating fluid and overheats himself.  On a 3 hour drive we stopped 4 times and it took us 2 hours longer than usual.  Also, my hatred of disposable diapers is confirmed.  What a nuisance having to change him that often and worry about blowouts all weekend! But the shower was wonderful and I miss all my friends down there.  It's so easy and comfortable being around them. I miss that dearly.  We've known each other for so long it's hard to believe sometimes.  

We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for his 2 month checkup.  He gets loads of immunizations and will be super cranky, possibly running a fever.  I'm nervous because I know this will set us back even further on the sleep schedule.  But hopefully we'll have it back to normal by next week.  But then we go to Los Angeles and it'll be messed up again.  He just gets so over tired when he's off his game!  Poor little man.  Plus mommy and daddy get overtired and can only handle so much screaming without wanting to scream/cry ourselves!  The past few days have been hard, I feel like the beginning again--I don't know what to do for him! He's going backwards in his sleep schedule at night. I feel like all I do is hold him all day--am I setting a precedent for him hating naps because he knows I'll just pick him up? Or is he really that awake and it's not just wanting to be held? It's such a fine line and I have no idea what I'm doing!  Ugh! Motherhood! It is sooooo hard!
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