Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 8

Developments this week:
  • Lots of talking every day.
  • Plays in the bath every night; lots of kicking, splashing, and talking.
  • We hold our head up almost entirely by ourself.
  • We slept for 8 hours straight!
Things we learned this week:
  • He knows when daddy should be giving him a bath and it's just me.
  • There is now one cry that is just needy--he will get over it after about 5 minutes. If he doesn't, he has worked himself into an appetite. I still hate hearing him cry, but I'm learning it's sometimes ok.
He slept from 10 P.M. To 5:45 A.M.! I woke up, swung my legs out of bed, looked at the clock, looked over at Lloyd in the pack-n-play just talking away and smacking his lips, and smiled. The bliss! The wonder! The sleep!! 

Coach is back at work. He is home for a few hours between lunch and evening practice. But he misses nekkid baby time--which no one is happy about. Lloyd cries near the end when normally he's smiling and playing with Coach. Mommy is not as fun me thinks. Poor lil bear. But bath time is hilarious, lloyd kicks and splashes all over the place in the tub. He absolutely loves it.

We also have maybe the only baby who loves getting his diaper changed. He'll even stop crying and start kicking and talking once you start to change him. It's adorable! He is so aware all day!I 

I also got a milk blister / blocked milk duct Monday night. Wow painful until I applied warm compresses and scraped away the top so the blocked milk could get out. It was intense stabbing pain when Lloyd nursed. Which is weird because I'd had zero problems with breastfeeding than initial dryness, which was solved by being meticulous about putting lanolin on at least once a day. I googled it and read about the warm, moist compresses and luckily that solved the pain and blockage. Plus I had my OB/GYN look at it today at my last OB appointment. I was right. If it happens again or I start running a fever she said to call, but otherwise it looked fine and I did everything right. just to not let my boobs get overfull. So I've been better about pumping if he doesn't drain that boob--which has relieved the stabbing pain too. You live, you nurse, you learn.
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