Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 7


  • We dropped our 2:30 am feeding once.  But have never done it again.
  • He is up the entire afternoon now.  By bath time he is overtired and super fussy, but he will not lay down all afternoon no mater what we try.  It makes for a long afternoon without Coach home.
Things we have learned this week:
  • the Charlies soap detergent we bought for the cloth diapers was giving him a rash.  So we switched to Rockin Green and it's already gone.  We have been cloth diapering exclusively for a whole month now! It is way easier than I thought and I actually feel kind of badass for doing it. Also, Lloyd likes it and it's saving us tons of money!
  • Thank gosh we got the breastpump.  For instance, both times I woke up last night to feed Lloyd (3:00 and 5:30) one side was leaking.  I fed him, hoped that'd be ok.  Woke up at 7:30 and my shirt was soaked on the right side. SOAKED.  I fed him again only on that side, still leaking and now the other side was getting full and starting to leak.  Fed him at 9:30 on both.  then went and pumped off more than 3 ounces in less than 5 minutes off one side.  Talk about a good producer.  Felt so much better. I shouldn't have waited that long to pump it off but sometimes he feeds tons in the morning, today wasn't one of those days.  
  • Putting Lloyd in the swing in the bathroom so I can shower iworking really well. He gets fussy right when I'm finishing my hair and makeup (aka putting gel in my hair and slapping a coat or two of mascara on and some powder--aka mommy makeup).  Travel swing = genius.  I move it all over the house now.  He sat in it so I could finish some sewing for a friend, shower time, etc. woohoo.
We bought our plane tickets to go to Los Angeles for Labor Day weekend.  I'm excited.  I'll probably be more nervous once it gets closer, but mostly excited.  We just have to book a hotel now.  We're flying together (even Coach is coming!) with my sister and brother-in-law, so it'll work really well I think.  I took my first plane trip at around the age Lloyd will be so I'm hoping for smooth sailing.  Still more nervous for our 3 hour drive to Austin in a week and a half.  Sadly.  

I'm really excited to show Coach around L.A., show him the medical school where I spent my graduate degree years cramming with the geeks, eating at Cantors, walking around Pasadena (thankfully where the wedding is, my favorite part of town), Trader Joe's, etc etc.  It'll be nice. Plus I'm so excited for our friends to get married--it's my first wedding for any of my gay friends and I am so excited to participate in their ability to FINALLY be legally married. It feels so special! 

I have quite a few people interested in hiring me for contract grant writing and honestly I can't imagine how i'm going to squeeze it all in but it is really cool to think that I will still be able to contribute financially even though I'm staying at home with my baby boy.  Also, this week was my final "official" day of work with the City.  Boy did it feel good to turn in my keys and pack my office. I am super sad to leave all my friends but the overwhelming relief of not having to deal with the bullshit of certain people there who happen to be very high up in the organization, is a huge weight off my shoulders.  That place is imploding with poor management. So it's official: I'm a stay at home mommy! Just in time for Coach to start spending a ridiculous amount of time at school with football. sad face.
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