Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 11

Developments This Week:
  • Lot of wakeful time in the afternoons playing with our arms and legs.
  • He coo's and "talks" during your conversations with him. You pause, he talks. You talk, he pauses.  It's adorable.
  • Fingers are getting really good at reaching and trying to grasp things.
  • Smiles when you smile and when you enter a room.
Things we have learned
  • Babies sleep a lot after their shots.
  • Sir crankypants is not growing out of his carseat hatred and it's starting to get brutal to take him anywhere.  We've even discussed trying a different carseat.
  • Trust your doctor, that's what insurance is for and why you pay those pricey premiums.  
So despite my instance last week at our pediatrician appointment, Lloyd continued to barf up his little tummy last week. So Monday I called to do exactly what she said: call if you change your mind.  You see, some babies have a defect in their stomach that causes them to vomit forceefully (aka projectile vomit).  It's known as Pyloric Stenosis and is present in about 3/1,000 babies.  Lloyd has a bit of reflux we thought and I just wrote off his massive vomit episodes as bad reflux combo'd with overeating.  Only it seemed that the reflux was getting worse and he was continuing to vomit (no warning, no reason why) despite our following the pediatrician's recommendations.  She offered to send us to the hospital to have an ultrasound of his tummy done to check to see if he has this defect.  It requires surgery and a hospital stay if he does have it.  I honestly didn't think he had it, so many babies have reflux that I just wrote it off.  But he continued to vomit and it was worrying Coach, so I called back monday and told them we reconsidered. So we have an appointment on Tuesday for the ultrasound at Cooks Medical Center.  It's mixed feelings: I don't want him to have it because it's surgery, but if he does have it it explains the vomiting and his crazy reflux would go away. I'm just trying to be zen.

We go to Los Angeles tomorrow! Exciting!  And boy oh boy, do baby's require a lot of stuff!  Our trip to Austin was technically more stuff (pack 'n play, etc.) but this time we're going for longer and further.  Going across the country on a plane is going to be interesting. But I'm excited to take our first family trip/vacation.  Especially since we're going to LA and I haven't been back since I graduated 5 years ago from grad school (cannot believe it was that long ago!).  Yum, food and fun! I'm most nervous (strangely) about getting the carseat on the plane, so once we're on the plane my nervousness will be significantly less. It's funny what makes us nervous, eh?
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