Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 10

Developments this week:

  • batting at his hanging toys
  • starting to uncurl his fingers and grasp his toys
  • smiling when you enter the room
  • recognizes you when you walk past him or speak
Things we've learned this week:
  • We love captain calamari, our awesome development toy that Lloyd picked out by not taking his eyes off it when we waved 800 toys in front of him at the store.
  • developmental games keep us from getting fussy. Thank you The Wonder Weeks (wish I'd bought this earlier! although Baby's First Skills has been good too)
After a debacle with our insurance and the doctors office (they lost, I won), his 2 month doctors appointment was finally today.  He is at the 90th percentile for weight (13 pounds and 14 ounces) and 95th for height (25 inches).  He got all of his shots and immunizations, screamed, but is doing really well. We go back at 4 months for another checkup and more shots.  But he did pretty darn good. He's a little more fussy and is super into Mommy, but nothing a little cuddle time and some tylenol can't fix.  

He also finally met his Uncle Jon today.  He came back from his training up at Ft. Lewis a day early to surprise my sister, so they stopped by.  Boy are mores intimidated by babies.  It's so cute watching them try to figure out how to hold babies.  They're so afraid to break them, it's absolutely endearing and adorable.  Man what cute kiddo's those two are going to have! haha.  yay cousins!
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