Friday, July 15, 2011

What You Need When You Get Home

There are so many things I didn't know we'd need when we got home.  A long list of the things we did, but it wasn't long enough. Here are things that were really important:

  1. 2 kinds of PJs in case they hate being swaddled (aka Lloyd): footie and the sleep sack.  Some love one and some love the other, either way you will need some for when they start not liking to be swaddled even if they do in the beginning. We think Lloyd was so glad to have his legs fully extended after kicking my ribs for months that he hated the whole being wrapped up thing.  He loves LOVES footie PJs. We only had 1 pair that were hand-me-downs and had to get more.  We also only got the 3 month size in PJs, the extra room is no big deal and the newborn will last a day.
  2. Lanolin. Don't forget it! They give you samples at the hospital but they will NOT last long.
  3. Preparation H pads (or Tucks Pads) and cream.
  4. Colace
  5. IBprofin
  6. 3 or more nursing bras and tops.  You'll be having visitors and you'll need both or risk exposing people to your HUGE boobs.  The shelf bra nursing tanks from target are easiest these first few weeks.
  7. Everything to make you favorite kinds of sandwiches.  Because you can eat them with one hand and they're do-able while breastfeeding--which is basically all you do.  I am not a huge sandwich person but I eat them almost every day for convenience.  Eating cold anything is just depressing. So have fixins, chips, whatever you like on, in, and with them. 
  8. A double walled glass with straw. yes you get the ghetto plastic mug thing from the hospital for free, but you'll want 2 glasses beside you at all times because you ARE that thirsty and you won't be able to get up to get more water. Plus the double walled cup keeps it colder and drip-free.
  9. Breastfeeding pillow. I love my My Breast Friend.
  10. A Kindle, I swear best thing ever for middle of the night feedings.
  11. A set of DVDs or a TV show you want to catch up on. It's basically easier if it's on your DVR so you don't have to put it through your player, which can be hard with a screaming baby. 
That's all i can think of off the top of my head.  But I tell you what, the PJs were the big thing I didn't think about at all.
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