Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post Baby Clothes

After you have a baby the last thing you want is to wear the same 3-7 things that you've been wearing non stop during your last month, or the things you wore during the middle of your pregnancy repeatedly. You want to wear pants that button and zip, shirts that don't look like mu-mu's on your hanger. But your hips and ass are huge, your tummy is in this weird jello-jiggle state that you want to hide, your breasts are getting bigger daily, and you want comfort.

So I think I actually did something right: I bought things before Lloyd arrived on sale. Here's what you need:
  1. 2 pairs of seasonal pants (depending on the season, 2 capris or shorts) in 2 sizes larger than your prepregnancy size, or 3 sizes larger if you gained more than the recommended weight. I got 2 pairs of shorts from GAP because they sell Tall sizes and were on sale, one Jean and on khaki.
  2. One pair of jeans in the same size, also try to get something you like that is on sale and not your super pricey jeans because you won't be in them forever.
  3. 3-5 nursing tank tops, the self-bra kind. I like the target ones, they're the most true to size. Motherhood Maternity's run super large, but if you're tiny but have huge boobs these would probably work.
  4. A couple cardigans, flowey cardigans, something cute to put over your tanks--whatever your preference. GET THEM IN COLORS IF POSSIBLE. the tanks only come in boring colors, so you want some purple, red, pink, whatever. Also have at least one black one.
  5. A short sleeve or long sleeve nursing top. You'll love these after those first few weeks and you're getting the hang of things, but the nursing tanks are easier and all-in-one for the first bit.
Things to order after the baby:
  1. Nursing bras--yeah, no way to anticipate. I ordered 2 that were huge and I thought would fit. They were too small. :( hence the tanks with the built in shelf. Wait a week or two to order, it takes your boobs that long to fill out.
  2. Nursing shirts (5-7)-these will be personal choice and you'll figure out what kinds of openings work best for you.
  3. Pair of jeans and capris (or khakis, depending on seasons and preference) in only 1 size larger than your prepregnancy size. These will be needed somewhere in the 2 month mark. Thanks breastfeeding and easy weight loss!
  4. A pair of cute, sexy, comfy shoes that fit your (possibly) different shoe size.
And that's it. You get sick of the same clothes repeatedly, but as you lose weight you can wear your normal shirts, even if your old pants take a longer time.  This pink top is awesome, I'm wearing it today. And I have the old navy and gap version of this, but the gap one is out of a softer material. Overall, my nursing clothes are all from Gap and Old Navy.  They do have great sales, and considering how long I'll be exclusively breastfeeding (6 months) and feeding after that (who knows), it was definitely worth the investment.
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