Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 6

Developments this week:
  • We love diaper changes, lots of smiles.
  • Bath time is really fun, lots of splashing in the water.
  • He really recognizes us.
Things we have learned:
  • Baby clothes sizes are like women's clothes. Lloyd is half-in and half-out of 3 month clothes, and is half-in 6-months clothes. Yes. At 6 WEEKS we have moved into 6 month clothes. Boggles our minds.
  • We are SO CLOSE to dropping our 2:30am feeding. SO ready! He barely feeds so I think we are close. I sincerely hope so. I'm exhausted.
  • Lloyd loves loud rattles. He follows them around.
Not too many things this week. Coach went back to work and it stinks not having him here. I loathe football season. I shudder to think of how much it will such when school is back in session and football is going.

He still hates the car seat and I honestly do not know how our trip to Austin is going to go. Just based on the not liking the car seat issue. Plus what do we do about feeding him during the baby shower and night? Do I pack my entire stash of pumped milk so Coach can feed him at my grandparents and bring my pump to use that night, or do I bring both my boys and feed him during the shower? What is protocol? What is appropriate you know? Ah well. TBD.

I also loved reading this whole Balance of Work and Life series over at Cup of Jo.  Was super interesting.
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