Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 5

Things We Have Learned:
  1. He is making more and different noises everyday. He's starting his own little baby languagealthough I'm still anxiously waiting for those first giggles.
  2. He had his first bath-time with mommy and loved floating in the water. He was kicking his little legs hardcore. So adorable.
  3. I have zero qualms with nursing in public. As in I've nursed in restaurants, the back of the car, and in Ikea (boy that chair was comfy). Why should I care? My son is hungry, I'm completely covered, and it's the most natural thing in the world.
  4. His hair is curling just like my sisters!
  5. He is awake almost all afternoon. He will play a little-meaning look at you and follow your face and rattle, smile at your funny faces, and hold onto a rattle if you put it in his hands.
Developments This Week:
  1. New coo's, new gurgles, and new faces every stinking day.
  2. Our first big boy bath with Mommy.
  3. Our first long (ish) car ride.

Things are good here, just crazy. it's funny because I feel so busy but all I do is feed Lloyd ALL DAY LONG. I feel like a dairy cow!  Right now he's sitting in this big donut thing staring off into space because he's stoned out on breast milk.  He is so awake these days, but he still hasn't figured out his hands are connected or to shake things to make noise, so it's constant holding and feeding.  It's exhausting but it's so fun. He is changing SO FREAKING MUCH! We spend all afternoon up and awake and playing, so hopefully soon he'll start grabbing for things so we can interact even more.

his hair is getting long in the back (little baby mullet) and it curls up hard core.  Coach and I think it's hilarious and I can't wait to see if he gets Caitlin's curls or my waves, either way poor kiddo is going to have lots of fluffy hair to deal with. 
My lack of clothing options (specifically pants) is so old because now my maternity stuff doesn't stay up and I have a whopping 3 pairs of pants (2 shorts and 1 pair of slightly too small Capri's) to wear every day.  With all the breastfeeding you'd think I'd be losing weight but I'm not, but you can't diet so you're kinda stuck.  I look ok but the whole not fitting into clothes sucks.  my boobs are so huge no shirts fit either, so I have about a dozen (maybe) shirts that I can wear and nurse in. I ended up having to succumb and order more clothes from Gap (great nursing shirts and their Tall sized shirts and pants fit well).  I can start working out next week so that'll be good. I want to get this weight off my ass so I can get into my pants!  I still have 20 pounds to go, and while I could care less about the scale I want to wear some clothes and have more choices.

Also my feet went up a size or so so all my cute shoes seem to be uncomfortably small.  cute shoes = designer shoes = expensive.  While I don't dress up any more it is still nice to wear a pair with jeans when going out, but I don't many any that fit now.  major suck. and I don't want to donate them so I don't know what I'll do.  ugh.  damn it. I'm holding onto them for at least the next few months hoping my feet will shrink but that is supposedly the one thing that will not go back to normal.  ugh.
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