Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 4

Developments This Week
  1. A Genuine Smile!!  
  2. Can hold his head up for whole minutes at a time.
  3. Follows you, your voice, or a toy from side to side.
  4. Focuses on your face.
Things we've learned:
  1. Growth spurts suck. Wow, nonstop feeding anyone?
  2. The nonstop feeding makes you doubt whether you're supply is good enough--but then again the pile of clothes he no longer fits into is getting larger and he now weighs almost 12 pounds.
  3. Cloth diapering is not nearly as difficult as we though.
  4. Baby farts are just as loud as adult farts sometimes.  Laughter ensues.
  5. Yay for babywearing: aka the Moby Wrap, which is about the only way you can get anything done during a growth spurt. He is so needy and SO awake that he won't be set down but he is not hungry either.  The wrap helps a lot!
He is so awake during the day.  For whole hours, he is smiling and making faces all day.  Every day we seem to have a new face, a new eyebrow movement, he yawns now, and he raises one eyebrow at you when you make funny noises.  He also managed to smack himself in the head really hard with his arm this week surprising himself.

Last night he slept for a 4.5hour stretch. I woke up panicked when I saw the time, but he was fine and ready to eat.  We're on a decent schedule.  I sleep until almost noon with him on days when I don't have anything to do, and these days I feel better because I manage to get a good bit of sleep--even if it isn't consecutive. 

I also got on the scale with him right before bath-time to figure out how much he may way and he's about 12 pounds. Babies are supposed to put about an ounce a day of weight on and he's doing almost 2.  No wonder my boobs are sore.  The right one way more than the left for some reason.  I've been using the lanolin more and more--it does seem to help. I also bought some more nursing tops from Target and with leftover gift cards from babies-r-us (they have motherhood maternity in store and their baby stuff is too expensive to buy there, so I just got shirts instead).  

He's been asleep for 30 minutes on Coach and is now screaming for the boob. Which is why this wasn't posted yesterday either. I am so unproductive!
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