Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 3

Here's what we've learned this week:
  1. Lloyd does not like Dairy products. Of any variety.  Momma had a glass of milk one night and we were up with horrible gas issues for a long time (exhausted mommy), had ice cream another night and same deal.  Had pizza monday, fussy fussy baby too.  Bye bye dairy.  :(
  2. Baby smiles are precious. We are getting them more frequently.
  3. He likes to look around more now that he can focus on objects easier. He's seeing the little rattles we dangle in front of him to help with his stimulation and learning. He looks at you in the eyes now and can focus on your face.
  4. We like real baths much better than sponge baths even if we are still figuring out the best way to conduct them.
  5. That first trimester teenage acne has returned.  It sucks. You'd think it wouldn't be so bad since I rarely wear makeup and I wash my hands 800 times a day (resulting in clean hands, not nasty ones, touching my face when I fall asleep in my hand).  But no. 
  6. Cutting Lloyds nails isn't as traumatic as some people had me scared to believe. I cut them when he is feeding and he doesn't move or care.  I don't use special anything, just my normal clippers.  Or if it's just one, they're so thin you can bite it off. 
  7. Baby sneezes = adorable.
  8. The car seat traps heat in like no other so he gets super overheated if we keep him in it very long--even if the AC is blowing in the car, once he's out of the car and into the grocery cart (or whatever) he starts sweating and screaming because he's so hot.  Yay Texas summer.
  9. You feel like you don't accomplish anything but feed your kiddo.  By the time you're done feeding and you do one small thing (shower, do the dishes, start the laundry, check your email, write a blog entry), guess who is up and hungry again?  Time flies and all of a sudden it's bath-time.
  10. Start a night-time routine for the baby, it helps them as much as it helps you--now is not too early.  We have a bath at 8pm (ish), followed by a snack (for baby), cuddle time with daddy, then into the bassinet/pack-n-play for the night.  It settles him down and it's working better every day.  He's learning. :) So, at the latest, we're in bed by 11.  
  11. You need more nursing bras and nursing tops.  Your pants don't fit except for the ones that are 2 sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size, your maternity pants don't fit right either.  You're stuck in post-pregnancy wasteland!  Frumparella.  I hate it. Ugh! And although a half a pound here and there is still coming off, your hips are the problem! They're so wide! Wider than before!  Shit! Shoot!  Even if you lost all that weight, you doubt whether you could push that zipper and button closed because of your wider-than-the-equator hips.  :(
  12. You thought you were tired of wearing panty-liners before you had the baby, well... yeah I hope you bought the box at Costco 'cuz you've still got a while left before you can put that box away.  Sad panda.
  13. Pooping still scares me.
  14. We started cloth diapering this week and I can tell you it was way more intimidating than actually difficult.  And ALL of his diaper rash and blowouts disappeared immediately.  amazing.  So since I only had 10, and he had like 800 wet diapers every day, I ordered 12 more (yay 5% coupon!).  It's official--we're cloth diapering.
We went out to eat for the first time this week. To BJ's Brewry. It was delish and Lloyd did super well, I was so nervous!  He only started crying at the very end when we were paying.  So glad we can leave the house not only for groceries and doctors appointments, but for occasional lunches and dinners.  Sweet!!  Which means I need to schedule a lunch with Ms. Kristy because she's leaving the area for the West Texas wasteland.  Boo!!  

Both hard to believe 3 weeks have passed, and amazed it's only been 3 weeks.  My tummy is still squishy but flatter looking every day. My ass is just as huge, and obviously I'm still all stretched out in the hip area.  My wedding rings also still don't fit.  I really do not know when they'll be back on, but I really am freaking out that I'll have to get them resized!  My hands still feel swollen!  They are more swollen some days over others, and I realize that it took months for them to swell so it may take months to de-swell--but hello, they're my wedding bands and I want to wear them NOW.  I think I stopped wearing them at 7 months, so does that mean that they will take 3 months to shrink back down? ugh!  suckage!  I should be happy, thank you breastfeeding for getting those 26 pounds off so quickly, but seriously I want to have more than 2 pairs of shorts to wear and I want my wedding bands back on.  :(

Ugh, my time is up.  Someone has started the "end of the napsies" grunts.  Aw baby Lloyd, my hungry hungry hippo....
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