Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm typing with one hand so I'll be short.  Basically, this post by Sherry over at one of my favorite blogs YHL about her breastfeeding experience is great. My similarities are thus (so far):
  1. it is not painful.  I had one sore nipple for about a week but it was during his growth spurt and I blame it on the insane amount of food he was demanding.  Putting the Lanolin on it more frequently was the solution.
  2. It is not scary.
  3. I love it.
  4. He feeds every 2 hour during the day, which makes getting anything done (namely cleaning, making any meal, and washing his diapers) really hard.  
  5. Every morning we lay down together and have that special time she talks about. It's an easy position and it's so sweet to both lay in bed together and enjoy that mid-morning hour.  It's the sweetest cuddling ever. I get the best smiles during this feeding.
  6. He's not a big fan of the bottle so far, we've only tried it once but it failed.  Probably because he was already way pissed and wanted me not a plastic nipple.
  7. Lloyd is, so far, not a big fan of the pacifier either. He'll only take it if the time is perfect for him and if you continue to hold it in his mouth the entire time.  He knows what the real deal is and he wants it.  We tried a bunch of different ones and even then the only one he'll take for any period of time is the Soothie.
  1. I AM able to breastfeed in public thanks to my awesome homemade cover, and he doesn't mind at all.  The only issue is it's so dang hot everywhere that he gets a bit overheated so i take him out and burp him a little more frequently if he's having a big feed.
  2. He doesn't sleep like their kid sleeps. We're now having two 4 hour stretches a night and it's a vast improvement, he gets longer sleeps every day.
  3. I am able to pump with great success. I attribute it mostly to the pump I got and it being totally worth the extra price (after hearing lots of bad things about the less expensive ones).  So pay the extra $100 and get the Medela.
It's wicked hard but very worth it.  I hope I can do it for as long as she did.  I'll be exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months then we'll see how long he wants it after that. I know it'll be hard if/when I go back to work, but I'll continue to do it then.  It really is a special thing you have with your baby. Plus I don't mind feeding him in public now. I've done it a bunch and I've never had a bad experience. Why should I? It's my baby and he's hungry.  :)
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