Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post Baby Clothes

After you have a baby the last thing you want is to wear the same 3-7 things that you've been wearing non stop during your last month, or the things you wore during the middle of your pregnancy repeatedly. You want to wear pants that button and zip, shirts that don't look like mu-mu's on your hanger. But your hips and ass are huge, your tummy is in this weird jello-jiggle state that you want to hide, your breasts are getting bigger daily, and you want comfort.

So I think I actually did something right: I bought things before Lloyd arrived on sale. Here's what you need:
  1. 2 pairs of seasonal pants (depending on the season, 2 capris or shorts) in 2 sizes larger than your prepregnancy size, or 3 sizes larger if you gained more than the recommended weight. I got 2 pairs of shorts from GAP because they sell Tall sizes and were on sale, one Jean and on khaki.
  2. One pair of jeans in the same size, also try to get something you like that is on sale and not your super pricey jeans because you won't be in them forever.
  3. 3-5 nursing tank tops, the self-bra kind. I like the target ones, they're the most true to size. Motherhood Maternity's run super large, but if you're tiny but have huge boobs these would probably work.
  4. A couple cardigans, flowey cardigans, something cute to put over your tanks--whatever your preference. GET THEM IN COLORS IF POSSIBLE. the tanks only come in boring colors, so you want some purple, red, pink, whatever. Also have at least one black one.
  5. A short sleeve or long sleeve nursing top. You'll love these after those first few weeks and you're getting the hang of things, but the nursing tanks are easier and all-in-one for the first bit.
Things to order after the baby:
  1. Nursing bras--yeah, no way to anticipate. I ordered 2 that were huge and I thought would fit. They were too small. :( hence the tanks with the built in shelf. Wait a week or two to order, it takes your boobs that long to fill out.
  2. Nursing shirts (5-7)-these will be personal choice and you'll figure out what kinds of openings work best for you.
  3. Pair of jeans and capris (or khakis, depending on seasons and preference) in only 1 size larger than your prepregnancy size. These will be needed somewhere in the 2 month mark. Thanks breastfeeding and easy weight loss!
  4. A pair of cute, sexy, comfy shoes that fit your (possibly) different shoe size.
And that's it. You get sick of the same clothes repeatedly, but as you lose weight you can wear your normal shirts, even if your old pants take a longer time.  This pink top is awesome, I'm wearing it today. And I have the old navy and gap version of this, but the gap one is out of a softer material. Overall, my nursing clothes are all from Gap and Old Navy.  They do have great sales, and considering how long I'll be exclusively breastfeeding (6 months) and feeding after that (who knows), it was definitely worth the investment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 6

Developments this week:
  • We love diaper changes, lots of smiles.
  • Bath time is really fun, lots of splashing in the water.
  • He really recognizes us.
Things we have learned:
  • Baby clothes sizes are like women's clothes. Lloyd is half-in and half-out of 3 month clothes, and is half-in 6-months clothes. Yes. At 6 WEEKS we have moved into 6 month clothes. Boggles our minds.
  • We are SO CLOSE to dropping our 2:30am feeding. SO ready! He barely feeds so I think we are close. I sincerely hope so. I'm exhausted.
  • Lloyd loves loud rattles. He follows them around.
Not too many things this week. Coach went back to work and it stinks not having him here. I loathe football season. I shudder to think of how much it will such when school is back in session and football is going.

He still hates the car seat and I honestly do not know how our trip to Austin is going to go. Just based on the not liking the car seat issue. Plus what do we do about feeding him during the baby shower and night? Do I pack my entire stash of pumped milk so Coach can feed him at my grandparents and bring my pump to use that night, or do I bring both my boys and feed him during the shower? What is protocol? What is appropriate you know? Ah well. TBD.

I also loved reading this whole Balance of Work and Life series over at Cup of Jo.  Was super interesting.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Play Time

so cute. :) His eyes look like they're lightening up!

aaannndd we're down.
georgia is so encouraging.
trying to get our whole hand in our mouth.
almost there...
Hi Dad!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 5

Things We Have Learned:
  1. He is making more and different noises everyday. He's starting his own little baby languagealthough I'm still anxiously waiting for those first giggles.
  2. He had his first bath-time with mommy and loved floating in the water. He was kicking his little legs hardcore. So adorable.
  3. I have zero qualms with nursing in public. As in I've nursed in restaurants, the back of the car, and in Ikea (boy that chair was comfy). Why should I care? My son is hungry, I'm completely covered, and it's the most natural thing in the world.
  4. His hair is curling just like my sisters!
  5. He is awake almost all afternoon. He will play a little-meaning look at you and follow your face and rattle, smile at your funny faces, and hold onto a rattle if you put it in his hands.
Developments This Week:
  1. New coo's, new gurgles, and new faces every stinking day.
  2. Our first big boy bath with Mommy.
  3. Our first long (ish) car ride.

Things are good here, just crazy. it's funny because I feel so busy but all I do is feed Lloyd ALL DAY LONG. I feel like a dairy cow!  Right now he's sitting in this big donut thing staring off into space because he's stoned out on breast milk.  He is so awake these days, but he still hasn't figured out his hands are connected or to shake things to make noise, so it's constant holding and feeding.  It's exhausting but it's so fun. He is changing SO FREAKING MUCH! We spend all afternoon up and awake and playing, so hopefully soon he'll start grabbing for things so we can interact even more.

his hair is getting long in the back (little baby mullet) and it curls up hard core.  Coach and I think it's hilarious and I can't wait to see if he gets Caitlin's curls or my waves, either way poor kiddo is going to have lots of fluffy hair to deal with. 
My lack of clothing options (specifically pants) is so old because now my maternity stuff doesn't stay up and I have a whopping 3 pairs of pants (2 shorts and 1 pair of slightly too small Capri's) to wear every day.  With all the breastfeeding you'd think I'd be losing weight but I'm not, but you can't diet so you're kinda stuck.  I look ok but the whole not fitting into clothes sucks.  my boobs are so huge no shirts fit either, so I have about a dozen (maybe) shirts that I can wear and nurse in. I ended up having to succumb and order more clothes from Gap (great nursing shirts and their Tall sized shirts and pants fit well).  I can start working out next week so that'll be good. I want to get this weight off my ass so I can get into my pants!  I still have 20 pounds to go, and while I could care less about the scale I want to wear some clothes and have more choices.

Also my feet went up a size or so so all my cute shoes seem to be uncomfortably small.  cute shoes = designer shoes = expensive.  While I don't dress up any more it is still nice to wear a pair with jeans when going out, but I don't many any that fit now.  major suck. and I don't want to donate them so I don't know what I'll do.  ugh.  damn it. I'm holding onto them for at least the next few months hoping my feet will shrink but that is supposedly the one thing that will not go back to normal.  ugh.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm typing with one hand so I'll be short.  Basically, this post by Sherry over at one of my favorite blogs YHL about her breastfeeding experience is great. My similarities are thus (so far):
  1. it is not painful.  I had one sore nipple for about a week but it was during his growth spurt and I blame it on the insane amount of food he was demanding.  Putting the Lanolin on it more frequently was the solution.
  2. It is not scary.
  3. I love it.
  4. He feeds every 2 hour during the day, which makes getting anything done (namely cleaning, making any meal, and washing his diapers) really hard.  
  5. Every morning we lay down together and have that special time she talks about. It's an easy position and it's so sweet to both lay in bed together and enjoy that mid-morning hour.  It's the sweetest cuddling ever. I get the best smiles during this feeding.
  6. He's not a big fan of the bottle so far, we've only tried it once but it failed.  Probably because he was already way pissed and wanted me not a plastic nipple.
  7. Lloyd is, so far, not a big fan of the pacifier either. He'll only take it if the time is perfect for him and if you continue to hold it in his mouth the entire time.  He knows what the real deal is and he wants it.  We tried a bunch of different ones and even then the only one he'll take for any period of time is the Soothie.
  1. I AM able to breastfeed in public thanks to my awesome homemade cover, and he doesn't mind at all.  The only issue is it's so dang hot everywhere that he gets a bit overheated so i take him out and burp him a little more frequently if he's having a big feed.
  2. He doesn't sleep like their kid sleeps. We're now having two 4 hour stretches a night and it's a vast improvement, he gets longer sleeps every day.
  3. I am able to pump with great success. I attribute it mostly to the pump I got and it being totally worth the extra price (after hearing lots of bad things about the less expensive ones).  So pay the extra $100 and get the Medela.
It's wicked hard but very worth it.  I hope I can do it for as long as she did.  I'll be exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months then we'll see how long he wants it after that. I know it'll be hard if/when I go back to work, but I'll continue to do it then.  It really is a special thing you have with your baby. Plus I don't mind feeding him in public now. I've done it a bunch and I've never had a bad experience. Why should I? It's my baby and he's hungry.  :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mommy Diary: 1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Outfit by Mudpie from my great friend Stephanie

What You Need When You Get Home

There are so many things I didn't know we'd need when we got home.  A long list of the things we did, but it wasn't long enough. Here are things that were really important:

  1. 2 kinds of PJs in case they hate being swaddled (aka Lloyd): footie and the sleep sack.  Some love one and some love the other, either way you will need some for when they start not liking to be swaddled even if they do in the beginning. We think Lloyd was so glad to have his legs fully extended after kicking my ribs for months that he hated the whole being wrapped up thing.  He loves LOVES footie PJs. We only had 1 pair that were hand-me-downs and had to get more.  We also only got the 3 month size in PJs, the extra room is no big deal and the newborn will last a day.
  2. Lanolin. Don't forget it! They give you samples at the hospital but they will NOT last long.
  3. Preparation H pads (or Tucks Pads) and cream.
  4. Colace
  5. IBprofin
  6. 3 or more nursing bras and tops.  You'll be having visitors and you'll need both or risk exposing people to your HUGE boobs.  The shelf bra nursing tanks from target are easiest these first few weeks.
  7. Everything to make you favorite kinds of sandwiches.  Because you can eat them with one hand and they're do-able while breastfeeding--which is basically all you do.  I am not a huge sandwich person but I eat them almost every day for convenience.  Eating cold anything is just depressing. So have fixins, chips, whatever you like on, in, and with them. 
  8. A double walled glass with straw. yes you get the ghetto plastic mug thing from the hospital for free, but you'll want 2 glasses beside you at all times because you ARE that thirsty and you won't be able to get up to get more water. Plus the double walled cup keeps it colder and drip-free.
  9. Breastfeeding pillow. I love my My Breast Friend.
  10. A Kindle, I swear best thing ever for middle of the night feedings.
  11. A set of DVDs or a TV show you want to catch up on. It's basically easier if it's on your DVR so you don't have to put it through your player, which can be hard with a screaming baby. 
That's all i can think of off the top of my head.  But I tell you what, the PJs were the big thing I didn't think about at all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 4

Developments This Week
  1. A Genuine Smile!!  
  2. Can hold his head up for whole minutes at a time.
  3. Follows you, your voice, or a toy from side to side.
  4. Focuses on your face.
Things we've learned:
  1. Growth spurts suck. Wow, nonstop feeding anyone?
  2. The nonstop feeding makes you doubt whether you're supply is good enough--but then again the pile of clothes he no longer fits into is getting larger and he now weighs almost 12 pounds.
  3. Cloth diapering is not nearly as difficult as we though.
  4. Baby farts are just as loud as adult farts sometimes.  Laughter ensues.
  5. Yay for babywearing: aka the Moby Wrap, which is about the only way you can get anything done during a growth spurt. He is so needy and SO awake that he won't be set down but he is not hungry either.  The wrap helps a lot!
He is so awake during the day.  For whole hours, he is smiling and making faces all day.  Every day we seem to have a new face, a new eyebrow movement, he yawns now, and he raises one eyebrow at you when you make funny noises.  He also managed to smack himself in the head really hard with his arm this week surprising himself.

Last night he slept for a 4.5hour stretch. I woke up panicked when I saw the time, but he was fine and ready to eat.  We're on a decent schedule.  I sleep until almost noon with him on days when I don't have anything to do, and these days I feel better because I manage to get a good bit of sleep--even if it isn't consecutive. 

I also got on the scale with him right before bath-time to figure out how much he may way and he's about 12 pounds. Babies are supposed to put about an ounce a day of weight on and he's doing almost 2.  No wonder my boobs are sore.  The right one way more than the left for some reason.  I've been using the lanolin more and more--it does seem to help. I also bought some more nursing tops from Target and with leftover gift cards from babies-r-us (they have motherhood maternity in store and their baby stuff is too expensive to buy there, so I just got shirts instead).  

He's been asleep for 30 minutes on Coach and is now screaming for the boob. Which is why this wasn't posted yesterday either. I am so unproductive!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 3

Here's what we've learned this week:
  1. Lloyd does not like Dairy products. Of any variety.  Momma had a glass of milk one night and we were up with horrible gas issues for a long time (exhausted mommy), had ice cream another night and same deal.  Had pizza monday, fussy fussy baby too.  Bye bye dairy.  :(
  2. Baby smiles are precious. We are getting them more frequently.
  3. He likes to look around more now that he can focus on objects easier. He's seeing the little rattles we dangle in front of him to help with his stimulation and learning. He looks at you in the eyes now and can focus on your face.
  4. We like real baths much better than sponge baths even if we are still figuring out the best way to conduct them.
  5. That first trimester teenage acne has returned.  It sucks. You'd think it wouldn't be so bad since I rarely wear makeup and I wash my hands 800 times a day (resulting in clean hands, not nasty ones, touching my face when I fall asleep in my hand).  But no. 
  6. Cutting Lloyds nails isn't as traumatic as some people had me scared to believe. I cut them when he is feeding and he doesn't move or care.  I don't use special anything, just my normal clippers.  Or if it's just one, they're so thin you can bite it off. 
  7. Baby sneezes = adorable.
  8. The car seat traps heat in like no other so he gets super overheated if we keep him in it very long--even if the AC is blowing in the car, once he's out of the car and into the grocery cart (or whatever) he starts sweating and screaming because he's so hot.  Yay Texas summer.
  9. You feel like you don't accomplish anything but feed your kiddo.  By the time you're done feeding and you do one small thing (shower, do the dishes, start the laundry, check your email, write a blog entry), guess who is up and hungry again?  Time flies and all of a sudden it's bath-time.
  10. Start a night-time routine for the baby, it helps them as much as it helps you--now is not too early.  We have a bath at 8pm (ish), followed by a snack (for baby), cuddle time with daddy, then into the bassinet/pack-n-play for the night.  It settles him down and it's working better every day.  He's learning. :) So, at the latest, we're in bed by 11.  
  11. You need more nursing bras and nursing tops.  Your pants don't fit except for the ones that are 2 sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size, your maternity pants don't fit right either.  You're stuck in post-pregnancy wasteland!  Frumparella.  I hate it. Ugh! And although a half a pound here and there is still coming off, your hips are the problem! They're so wide! Wider than before!  Shit! Shoot!  Even if you lost all that weight, you doubt whether you could push that zipper and button closed because of your wider-than-the-equator hips.  :(
  12. You thought you were tired of wearing panty-liners before you had the baby, well... yeah I hope you bought the box at Costco 'cuz you've still got a while left before you can put that box away.  Sad panda.
  13. Pooping still scares me.
  14. We started cloth diapering this week and I can tell you it was way more intimidating than actually difficult.  And ALL of his diaper rash and blowouts disappeared immediately.  amazing.  So since I only had 10, and he had like 800 wet diapers every day, I ordered 12 more (yay 5% coupon!).  It's official--we're cloth diapering.
We went out to eat for the first time this week. To BJ's Brewry. It was delish and Lloyd did super well, I was so nervous!  He only started crying at the very end when we were paying.  So glad we can leave the house not only for groceries and doctors appointments, but for occasional lunches and dinners.  Sweet!!  Which means I need to schedule a lunch with Ms. Kristy because she's leaving the area for the West Texas wasteland.  Boo!!  

Both hard to believe 3 weeks have passed, and amazed it's only been 3 weeks.  My tummy is still squishy but flatter looking every day. My ass is just as huge, and obviously I'm still all stretched out in the hip area.  My wedding rings also still don't fit.  I really do not know when they'll be back on, but I really am freaking out that I'll have to get them resized!  My hands still feel swollen!  They are more swollen some days over others, and I realize that it took months for them to swell so it may take months to de-swell--but hello, they're my wedding bands and I want to wear them NOW.  I think I stopped wearing them at 7 months, so does that mean that they will take 3 months to shrink back down? ugh!  suckage!  I should be happy, thank you breastfeeding for getting those 26 pounds off so quickly, but seriously I want to have more than 2 pairs of shorts to wear and I want my wedding bands back on.  :(

Ugh, my time is up.  Someone has started the "end of the napsies" grunts.  Aw baby Lloyd, my hungry hungry hippo....