Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yup... Still Here

AND he's still hanging out in my womb.  I'm getting more over it by the day.  You don't think your body can disgust you any more in the last few weeks of pregnancy, oooohhhhh did you have it wrong.  The baby is so low and so big that while you've avoided any stretch marks this entire pregnancy, you now have such thin skin on the underside of your belly that it's pulling and looks like a cross between a stretch mark and just plain being able to see straight through to your muscles.  Your hips hurt even more.  He drops even further down making it feel like you have to poop all day (which, oh yeah, you do).  And then you start to lose your plug (do not click on that link unless you are a sick sick person).  

And that last thing, for the first time your entire pregnancy, makes you go "oh my god! that is DISGUSTING!" so loud your husband is standing outside the bathroom door asking you if everything is ok based on the gagging noises coming from your mouth.  Nice.  This has been happening for 5 days now.  Which according to the books means his arrival could be "any moment".  


I'm at the point where I will not believe he's going to be here "any day" until I've pushed his 8+ pound body out of my hoo-haah and am holding his cute little body.  At which point I'll probably do two things simultaneously:
  1. have a panic attack
  2. wonder if we are, in fact, ready to be parents because now we have to be
then I'll probably start crying.  A good kind of cry, but hey--this has been a long road. A not easy one.  Full of every uncomfortable, unexpected, and nasty side effect you can have pretty much.  And honestly, because of the miscarriage, I never thought we'd make it this far and if I actually get to hold my screaming, peeing, pooping, warm baby--this whole experience will be real for the first time in 10 months.
From Dooce, because its applicable.

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