Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Ready

the room is cleaned and set.
everything has its place
The guest room is ready for my stepdad to arrive (yes!)
the puggles are ready to figure out what this whole deal has been about
the bags, donation kit, and carseat are ready to go into the car
and Momma is DEFINITELY ready.
I spent the morning sweeping, mopping the floors, vacuuming the baby's room, vacuuming the couches, put clean sheets on our bed, tidied up the guest room for my step dad to visit, repacked our bags, dusted, cleaned the kitchen, and made waffles.  It's amazing what you get done before 9 when you wake up at 6:30.    our appointment isn't until 1:30 so we're just hanging around the house.  I'm trying to decide what I want to eat as my potential "last meal" before being hooked up at the hospital if they send us straight over to start the induction (fingers crossed for this option).  Coach brought it up and honestly I can't even think of what I want.    Sushi, but yeah that's still not possible. haha.  

We have 2 possible scenarios:  after the BPP and sono she sends us over to be induced either right then or later this evening.  OR we go in at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  I really hope for the former because if they start the pitocin tonight, I should be able to get a few hours of rest during the early hours and not be too exhausted. Not to mention that would mean I would (hopefully) deliver tomorrow in the daytime, so my doctor could be there.  So fingers crossed. If she gives me an option (which she usually does) that's my choice.  Inductions take a while on first time moms, even when they're already dilated and effaced like I am.  So first, we're hoping I've progressed more than the 3cm 70% effaced I've been at for 2 weeks, but if not (which I think is unlikely) my chances of delivering normally are still really good.  

My next post will be as a mommy.  How weird is that? I still cannot believe it. I think through this whole thing I haven't felt real about it because I can't believe we'll be able to take him home, that he will be healthy and ours and something won't go wrong. I don't know if that's because of the miscarriage (I think it is) or what, but until I hold him and he's ok--I will not believe this whole process is real.  Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited. Yes.  But it's also apprehensive--I'm still afraid he could be taken away from us.  Must.Be.Positive.

Now to decide what's for lunch....
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