Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Call This: Dead Arm

First off, I cannot look at this photo or Lloyd's face without laughing:
Akin to this face, on display the day after he was born:
Notice the arm, completely lifeless and hanging.  This is the sign that our son is officially in "boob coma", aka passed out.  When I carry him to bed and he has 2 "dead arms", I know we're in for a good stretch of sleep.  I also know that he is absolutely adorable.  It's completely funny.  Coach will walk by, lift his arm up, and if it curls back to his chest or he offers resistance: we've got a good bit more food to chug down (and yes, it does sound like he's chugging it--like it's ever been taken away. poor kid is a breastfeeding fiend).  If he lifts it and it plops down on the pillow, we're good to go for sleep and he'll pick Lloyd up, lay him down, and plop himself into bed/couch/go do something productive.  

So now the question in the house isn't "is he done feeding?" it's "do we have dead arm?"

Ahhh the glories of parenthood. :)
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