Friday, June 10, 2011

Overdue, Yes I'm Still Here

I'm officially Past Due.  I'm also officially freaking over it.  As if the last 2 weeks didn't make me feel like I couldn't take any more, I definitely feel that way now.  It's almost 100 degrees here so when you leave the house it's like you're just silently accepting that you will never feel cool again.  Which, at 10 months pregnant, is already a reality because you're hauling around a ridiculous amount of weight that kills your back, knees, and what few abdominals are left.  

I started having painful, yet random contractions after my OB appointment Wednesday.  They were bad enough to semi-wake me up periodically through the night.  Then Yesterday I had them all day and they got regular and between 5-7 minutes apart for 5 hours before they slowed down to 8-9 minutes apart (but got more painful).  We showered and went to bed after watching the Mavs game.  I woke up intermittently with the painful ones, and also woke up sweating so bad from them I (on numerous occasions) hoped it wasn't sweat I was covered in but maybe my water had broken.  No dice.  Still having them, still uncomfortable, but still at home.  

Mostly, it's emotionally draining to be past your due date when you're all ready to go.  Also even worse when you (and your doctor and family) was under the distinct impression you'd go early due to massive amounts of contractions for weeks leading up to now.  Every morning I wake up and send out texts to say "still pregnant".  My mother in law is fielding massive phone calls from Coach's family wanting to know if he's here yet or if we're even in the hospital.  When we do go out and I tell people I'm at my due date I get a scary look like my water will break on their flip-flops.  Lady, I wish it would break on your cheap ugly shoes--I'd give you $20 to go buy new ones gladly if it would JUST FREAKING BREAK!  But no...

I'm in constant discomfort from the contractions because they are uncomfortable and sometimes reduce me to a bent over, deep breathing, heifer.  and if they're just "mild" I clutch my ginormous belly and close my eyes to try and ride them out.  Not to mention I can't be more than 5 minutes from a bathroom because baby boy is sitting on it now.  Doesn't this sound delightful? We prayed for this! And I'm still thankful for it, but I'm MISERABLE!  I know he'll come in his own time, but dang it child you're already estimated to be large just come OUT!  

So I'm still here.  But can't sit long because the contractions hurt worse sitting down and I'm still having them, so I lay on the couch all day trying to remember what feeling "cool" was like instead of the perpetual sweat monster I've become.  Fun. I'm so tired and exhausted from this last few days of pain that I could cry.  How much more can I take? uhg, This baby is a blessing but this last week is not. Monday we go back to the doctor for a biophysical profile and sono, sign me up for the induction--I've reached my limit doc.
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