Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 2

Mommy Diary: 2 Weeks Old!
Things we've learned so far:
  1. Yes you have a bassinet/pack-n-play all ready in your room. But did you think about lighting in the middle of the night?  No? Us either.  Coach has learned to sleep without even noticing me turn on the lamp on my nightstand, but we had to play with it those first 2 nights.  
  2. Also, where are you nursing in the middle of the night? I can tell you that if you try to nurse in bed you'll be fighting your eyelids the entire time.  I nurse in the bathroom, on my comfy leather chair that sits by my vanity.  I put my water bottle, my midnight snack, glasses, and Kindle all right there in arms reach during my feedings.  It works really well.
  3. If you don't have a Kindle, you may want to think about investing in one.  Reading while he feeds keeps me awake, ironically, and holding a book would be WAY too difficult.  I even have this case that came with a great light so I don't have to worry about squinting.  Lloyd doesn't even notice.
  4. Your baby may only spend a week in newborn diapers.  So have a stock of different sizes in at least 2 brands to figure out what works better.  Even if you plan to cloth diaper. These first 2 weeks are really difficult, you don't necessarily want to be also figuring out how to work the cloth diapering thing at the same time.  
  5. As your baby starts to get on a normal feeding schedule and the cluster feeding and first 7-10 day growth spurt feeding has caused a decrease in feeding, you may want to start that stock of breastmilk.  But start slowly, because you could easily cause engorgement and you don't want to worry about feeding and pumping at the same time.  So start slow and pay attention.  (as in: I've just now read the manual to my breast pump).
  6. Make sure you get out of the house at least a few times a week. It's easy to stay tethered to home right now, but it's important to get your baby used to their car seat so that you could easily take him/her out to dinner/lunch/shopping without them screaming because they're not used to it.
  7. Get a wrap if you don't already have one.  Lloyd LOVES the moby wrap I got from my registry.  It is wonderful, he is so comfortable and it is comfortable for me too.  It's great for grocery shopping.
  8. Pooping is still difficult. Farting can even be painful. Don't be scared to take a Colace so you don't kill your butt (or those awesome hemorrhoids that are still shrinking).
  9. Remember to keep drinking lots of water.  
  10. Get at least one good nap each day. You don't have to sleep every time your baby sleeps, but that one nap is important.
  11. You don't care if it's gas or what, but those cute little semi-smiles are beautiful.  Their face is changing every day, new expressions, new things.  
  12. Now is a good time to either get photos taken, take photos, or order standard birth announcements.  I already had the addresses to whom we were sending them printed out from before I had the baby, so all I have to do is put those on and put stamps on the envelopes.  Makes it much easier.
  13. Try to get used to feeding with a cover.  I've had to feed twice in public now and it gets easier every time. Honestly, it's more uncomfortable to let Lloyd scream than to feed him. But it does take some courage.  Feeding him at my in-laws house the first time he got hungry anywhere but at home almost reduced me to tears. But I fed him at the OBs office in the lobby yesterday and in the hospital laboratory lobby today, it gets easier.  
  14. The weight will fall off! Yay breastfeeding!!!
  15. Have a box/small rubbermaid ready to put all the little things (hospital bracelets, hospital birth forms, hospital bassinet card, etc.) from those first few days into.  You don't really know what to keep or toss, so it's nice to have a box to put them in even if you are more entrepreneurial than me and are making a baby book.
  16. You watch a lot of TV when you're nursing.  You become an expert in a lot of random crap.  And you watch a lot of crap reality TV.  
  17. Buy the travel version of your swing, not the big one.  Moving it from room to room is so helpful, plus it's so much smaller.  Your house is already taken over with baby stuff, trust me. Also, buy this kneeler (we got ours at Target off our registry, it's plain green and not this obnoxious rain-forest but I digress)for the bath--it is amazing. Coach loves it, I love it, makes it so much better.
  18. Find a powerbar/granola bar you like and make sure to keep a few in the bathroom for your 3am feeding.  I love theseCorazonas Oatmeal Squares, they are so tasty!
Monday I went to the OB for my 2 week checkup. My doctor likes to see you at 2 weeks postpartum to make sure you're doing ok and not having any baby blues or postpartum depression.  I've lost 26 pounds!! Woop woop!!  although, honestly considering how much weight I gained (yikes) it's just a start. I still have a ways to go, but considering that all fell off without any attempt at diet or fitness, yay!  another win for Breastfeeding!  also doesn't hurt that I had a 9 pound baby!  My stomach is already getting flat(er), and I really did win the lottery. I'm just squishy. But I have 2 pairs of shorts (the ones I bought a few months ago) that fit fine, and since it's so hot here that's all I wear. I hope to squeeze into my jeans soon but I think I'll need another 10 pounds off to get there. I can't work out for a while still, and when I do I'll have to start slow and be careful because I need so many extra calories for breastfeeding, that it'll be a while before I get into my "motivation jeans" (no they are not my "skinny jeans", they are just my motivation to get fit again after the baby).  I can squeeze into some pants but it looks bad. REALLY bad. Stuffed sausage bad.  Aka, like the rest of fat america.

Lloyd had his 2 week checkup yesterday and put on another 12 ounces.  My son is a fatass.  The doctor was laughing when she came in he is doing so well.  She likes to see an ounce a day, and he's gaining 1.5.  He also is up to 22 inches long.  She said if he's sleeping 4 hour stretches, no worries--he's doing that well. Which is great because he has one a night and we love it.  Even if it means a big feed right before.  He's doing so well!! We don't go back in until he's 2 months--but he gets lots of shots that day.  Hard to believe that's August! Wow!  Which will be the week after Bethany's baby shower (!) and only a month before her little Hannah arrives (!WHAT!).  Time is already flying!  2 weeks!  

I was so curious to see what he would look like before he was born. Now I'm so curious to see what he's going to look like when he's older.  Coach cannot wait to play with him and take him places. I think the toddler years are going to be epic Daddy time. But we are in no rush.  This time is so precious.  He is all mine. Before I know it it'll be all about Daddy, busted knees, playing soccer, and breaking things. Now he's a Momma's boy.  It's a special time for mommy's and their sons.  I really believe that.  
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