Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mommy Diary: Week 1

Let's see if I can keep this up for a whole year, Mommy Diary: Week 1
Lloyd is one week old today.  We're starting to get things figured out.  We think. Things we've learned so far:
  1. This first week is hard. Really hard.  The hormones reduced me to tears multiple times during those first few nights from sheer exhaustion and uncertainty.
  2. Having a 9 pound baby wasn't so bad with the epidural. I could not have done it without.  Wow.
  3. Babies smell like heaven.  
  4. I love my son more than words can even express. There needs to be a word bigger and more all encompassing than "love", because really--it doesn't cut it.
  5. Having a baby who cluster feeds is really difficult, even if it means they're super healthy and thriving--the constant back to back to back feedings for a few hours before a big sleep are totally mind numbing and exhausting.  Especially when they happen in the middle of the night. The pediatrician said this is probably just a phase here the first few weeks, and boy do we hope so.
  6. The Huggies Newborn little Snugglers diapers are no bueno for little boys. We switched to the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive for newborns.  The Huggies have an umbilical cord cut-out in the front that while handy in theory, means that if his little penis can find that 1" area where it is not elastic right there, he pees all over himself and you.  Usually at the 3 A.M. feeding.  Over it! 
  7. Babies do not like sponge baths.  He gets so worked up he almost can't feed after.  Guaranteed we haven't given him many, but I'm hoping this will change once we can actually bathe him and he's not all exposed to air.
  8. You are completely unable to answer phone calls.  Text messages are the communication tools of Mommy's.  
  9. Even the most amazing family can get a little over-obsessed with your kiddo in the first few days/weeks.  And with your crazy hormones you will feel both awful for thinking bad things about them and irritated at the same time.  Until they hold your kid so you can go pee and take a shower, then you remember that they're awesome.
  10. Having Coach home during theses first few weeks is the best thing ever.  Couldn't do it without him, especially at night when Lloyd has a marathon feeding frenzie for 2 hours and you're about to lose it you just want him to be done but it's your kiddo and apparently he's forgotten that he just ate a few hours ago.
  11. Your belly shrinkage will amaze you, especially if you thought you'd be leaving the hospital with a significant bulge and you only left with a pooch.
  12. Your breasts are bignormous.  Of epic proportions.  They make your kiddo's head look tiny when you're feeding. And that bra you bought that you thought was never going to fit and almost returned? yeah, it fits.  
  13. Even when you're exhausted, it's 1am, you haven't slept, and you're at wit's end--you look at your child and see nothing but beauty and love.
  14. You love your husband more than you ever did before. LOTs more.
  15. You're turned on by your husband even more (probably related to #14 and the fact that when he holds your child you look at him with bigger goo-goo eyes than when you were dating)--which is strange considering your lady parts are still damaged and your boobs are scary (see #12).  But you cant wait to feel better and be cleared so you can hold each other again.  
  16. Your feet did, contrary to your fear, return to normal.  Your fingers have yet to de-swell and you're still looking forward to wearing your wedding bands again instead of your pregnancy substitutes.  You're about to jam them on your fingers even if it kills you.
  17. Your husband needs his own bonding time with the baby.  Make sure he gets at least a few activities that are purely "Daddy Time".  Coach is now the exclusive bather and tummy time/play time parent.  It's important that they bond in their own way, because if you are breastfeeding the mommy has that covered.  And your husband, even if he won't admit it, feels left out.  Plus watching them lay down together and play together is the most beautiful thing ever.
  18. and oh yeah, your heart is still exploding with amazement every day.
We had our first pediatrician appointment on Monday. They insisted we go monday because he had slightly elevated bilirubin levels when we left the hospital.  However, our Pedi said he looks great and the only remaining yellowness is slightly in his face.  He also managed to gain back 8 ounces of the 10 he lost--which is apparently ridiculously good.  I'm totally exhausted.  But he is sleeping better every day.  The weeks are easier than the weekends I think because no one is here but us, so he doesn't get over stimulated which can cause epic feeding issues.  We're learning.

Coach is so helpful but feels like he doesn't do anything.  He is just wonderful with Lloyd and talks to him all day.  He holds him when he screams, seems to be able to burp him 100x better than I can, and is just plain amazing.  I couldn't be happier with my family and I swear I have the most amazing husband ever.  I feel incredibly lucky.  INCREDIBLY lucky. Seeing my boys together makes me want more babies... although not for a while. :)

And this is the face of "feed me woman! I'm obviously starving":

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