Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Room Built-Ins

Since I'm just sitting on my pregnant ass waiting for this baby to arrive, you'd think I was being productive and posting the photos from our new living room built-ins.  They were installed last Saturday and we love them more and more every day.  It's now officially too hot for Coach to get into the attic and finish dropping the lines into the right cabinet (we had precut holes and there are electrical outlets in each side of the cabinets), so until it cools off we'll still have the wires running from the back of the TV to the top shelf, but after waiting for these things for the entire time we've been in the house: I'm all to happy to deal with that minor setback.
the wonderful installers, they were so nice

still drooling

yes we have quite a few DVDs.... We have a problem

the designers added the cornerstone at the last moment, really nice!

Finally have a place to display my dad's shadowbox with his flag and ribbons

This is where the shelf holding the TV components has been reassigned

I love it and the red shades are new from Ikea
Overall, they are amazeballs! They look like they've always been there.  There are 3 shelves each in the bottom cabinets too that are basically empty still.  They came without the knobs, so we went to Hobby Lobby and my love of Fleur-de-lis continues through our house.  They kind of bring me back to my New Orleans routes every time I look at them.  

And I love having the small shelf/bookcase right there in the entryway.  It really looks nice and holds some of Coach's Jack Daniels collectors bottles without exposing them to sunlight.  So yay!  What's funny is that 2 separate people have come in and gone "oh wow, what a nice bookcase when did y'all get that" when we've had it for years. Bonus! :)

Also just now catching the very beginning of Philadelphia on TV.  Gosh this movie is incredible.  Wow, every time I watch it it breaks my heart.
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