Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy Breastfeeding Batman

via Everyday People Cartoons
oh honey... you have no idea.  

My boobs are HUGE!!! Scary huge!! Orbs of terror!  And they're full of milk!  Thanks to my son who cannot get enough, they are massive and constantly filling back up.  I need to start pumping to save for whenever we feel comfortable actually going out for that Sushi I've been dreaming about for weeks months. It really sucks to have to special order your bra size.  Really sucks. Oh well, he's worth it and I feel kind of badass that my milk is so awesome for him.  It's pretty empowering and it is special for us to get all this time bonding.  It's a beautiful gift.

An exhausting, mind numbing, sometimes uncomfortable gift--but it's amazing none the less.
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