Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 1st Fathers Day

Happy 1st Fathers Day to the most amazing man I have ever known. Thank you for loving  me, supporting me, and only you could have made me this happy.  You are the father of my children and the bond we share is even more beautiful as we watch our son change before our eyes every day.  I look at you and see a beautiful future of  hope and love, without you I feel lost.  You are even more amazing as I watch you hold our son, calm him like no one else can, and hold me as I cry tears of sheer joy at our new life.  I'm grateful everyday that you took a chance on me.  I always promise to remind you of how important you are to me and how you make my life more joyful every day.  

Happy Fathers Day, may we always deserve the love you give us at every breath.

Colleen & Lloyd
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