Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Diary: 38 Weeks

Ok I barely slept last night due to contractions waking me up randomly. I had horrific traffic this morning coming into work, and I'm so tired I feel like crying. I'm in so much pain from all this uterine activity that has NO sign of doing anything, and I do not want to be at work. I have my drs appointment at 1:45 and I seriously do not know how I'm going to make it. I think I might go lay down in the fire station for an hour or so. I do not feel comfortable driving the 70 miles round trip to work anymore with all this activity. I think I may just call it quits after today as far as coming into work. I do not honestly think I can make it to friday.

I feel so awful hating this pregnancy so much right now. I have nothing but complaints. I have 8 days until my due date, another 7 before I think they'd induce me. I have contractions all day that are getting more painful but not closer together. They now hurt so much they wake me up. But there's nothing I can do but try to go back to bed because it's nothing to even go to the hospital for. Unless my water breaks, which despite the amount of pressure on my hips and pelvis I have right now (which has, as of last night, started causing intense pain in my extreme lower back and occasional sciatic pain in my right leg) doesn't appear to have any chance of happening. I feel like all these contractions are never going to go anywhere and they're still going to have to induce me. Which is so fucking pointless. Why am I having all this pain and activity if it's doing no good?

All my friends with kids said they never had all these contractions for days and days. I've been having contractions all day every day for a week now. Being hooked up to the monitors over the weekend just told me that I'm not crazy and they are contractions. Hell, i went to pee yesterday and ended up doubled over in the bathroom clutching my belly and gasping for breath they got so bad. I'm done. stick a fork in me.

are you totally discouraged about pregnancy yet? This little boy had better be cute. I know he'll warm my heart immediately and be worth it once he's here, but until then I'm just another absolutely miserable, grumpy, exhausted, bloated, swollen, gasy, crampy, and bitchy pregnant lady in her last days of pregnancy.
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