Friday, May 27, 2011

New Blinds and Solar Screens

Let me just start off by posting the nasty one hunter green blind in our kitchen:
Also, yeah I need to replace that light fixture, nasty.  

But mostly, all the blinds in our house are broken in some aspect: don't open, don't go up and down without falling out the window, etc.  Our house was a custom home and they put in the nastiest, cheapest, ugliest blinds ever.  They were on our list to replace.  But we have 22 windows that needed replacing.  and 3 huge windows with solar screens that were crap too.  And our windows are not standard size, are much larger and much taller.  Which all equals $$$$$.

But we're lucky: one of our firemen at work is a blinds and solar screen guy who gets directly from the manufacturer.  The same manufacturer as the big box stores.  And he's fast. And installs.  But mostly:

he's in-freaking-credibly cheap.  

So much so that he loses bids because people think his product is crap based on how little it costs.  When in reality, it's because he gets directly from the manufacturer, he's been ordering from them so long he gets better rates than even some big companies, and he doesn't mark up unnecessarily.  

Our whole house, with tax, the nice plantation wood blinds, and install, and 3 huge replacement solar screens came in at less than half what you'd pay anywhere else for lesser quality product.  And we get them in the next 2 weeks.  I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!!!! 

So if you need blinds or solar screens in the metroplex: Trey Porter is your guy!  Plus he's super nice.  Which is always a plus when you're letting someone in your home.  Have I mentioned how excited I am to have nice, not random green, and working blinds in our house?  YAY!!!

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