Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 37

May 24, 2011
What a week.  We started off the weekend feeling good about getting to catch up around the house and ended up in bed with some allergy/exhaustion/funk for most of the weekend. Lots of naps were taken.  Coach got hit pretty bad Saturday, which is so unusual for him.  But it was nice to sit around and catch up on our unwatched DVDs and The Daily Show (love us some jstew). So not that bad afterall.

Starting Monday though, I spent all afternoon having mild-ish contractions. I even texted Coach a heads up and left work a little early because they were very regular and increasing in strength.  By the time I got home and walked around a little (trying to encourage them if they were real or figure out if they were not), then Coach got home, they had stopped.  Tuesday same deal, except they lasted longer.  Yesterday we had a slew of horrible storms in the area and I was working frantically from home until almost 11--let me tell you, answering phone calls while having contractions is difficult.  I was moving around, peeing, doing everything that the book says could break false labor and they continued to get more painful. So Coach ran me a bath and headed to bed (on orders that if this is for real, he needs to sleep and I'll wake him up if we need to go to the hospital during the night).  I got in the bath and some of the pain subsided, then the contractions disappeared entirely by midnight.  Color me disapointed, after 7+ hours of contractions I figured "YES! Baby!" but no....

We go to the doctor this afternoon.  He is so freaking low my hips feel like they're going to crack or break apart so he can just fall out.  His movements are so stinking large because he's out of room.  I think his days are numbered in his little womb.  Maybe all the spicy food I've been eating is paying off.  I'll be interested to see how dialated I am after the last 2 weeks, although it doesn't mean I will or won't go into labor soon.  Just curious.

There are times I go to pee and when my bladder empties he gets even lower again, and I swear I could practically wipe his head with toilet paper. Too graphic? Sorry.  Welcome to pregnancy!  I want to hold him! ah!

Oh a side note, my Kindle arrived and we got our fancy Nikon.  Now I just have to figure out how to use the camera's ample possibilities. :) Exciting though! Already loaded a book on the Kindle, it's such a cool device. I'm excited to use it.

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