Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 36

We made it through this weekend!  I was so worried that we wouldn't or I'd be down there and start having contractions.  It was so wonderful getting to spend a lot of time with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle from my Dad's side (his only sibling is my Aunt).  Melanie came in all the way from Hawaii and Cecily and her family came in from Boston.  I got to play with the new generation of cousins (Zadie, 3, and Elliot, 15 months) and visit lots with them.  It was so great, they're so fun and we don't see each other near enough.  It's nice to think that 'lil bear and Elliot will be so close in age.  Fun!

The weekend was great except for the whole I could NOT sleep at all in the hotel bed and only got about 8 hours of sleep the whole weekend, add that to being on my feet for 3 days from 6am - 10pm and I was totally exhausted when we finally got home sunday.  I was ready for my own bed saturday morning, not saying I wanted to leave. But I think traveling in your last month of pregnancy is probably not advisable.  You're just miserable.

Oh and the swelling in my feet is now out of control. I can officially not wear any shoes other than sandals.  My toes look like little smokies.  My face is puffy.  Doctor asked me yesterday how I felt: tired, swollen, uncomfortable, and ready.  she just laughed and patted my leg, then looked at me and said "yeah, I can tell".  Very very close, any day!  But I did test positive for the Group B Strep, so I have to have antibiotics during delivery and they keep us for a required 48 hours to make sure he made it without infection.  No biggie, but just one more thing.

I spend all day peeing and trying to stay awake.  Every time I feel anything I wonder if it's my water breaking, or a real contraction, or whatever.  Every strong BH I have I wish was a sign of real labor.  he is so big and cramped in there it is painful when he moves.  My tummy is also now numb and tingly because of all the pressure he puts on the skin, so it feels like my belly has fallen alseep a lot of the day. 

I've decided I'm starting my maternity leave on June 1st, regardless of how I'm feeling. I have so much I could do at home that isn't necessary but could keep me busy, plus I am so tired of being at work.  I'm just tired.  It'd be wonderful to take a nap.  Or to get home and actually have the energy to take a walk.

Bring on the spicy food!
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