Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 35

May 5, 2011
very very very late. sorry! I meant to post it last week but what insanity.  the 35/36 week appointment went well, already 1cm dilated (no surprise there).  Although it doesn't really mean anything, it just confirmed that we are getting close.  At 36 weeks they let you deliver.  So I felt ok about that.

Commissioning and Graduation for the brother-in-law was amazing, although completely exhausting.  My feet were swollen to sausages.  Mothers day was nice though at Coach's aunt's house.  I went swimming (bikini underneath running shorts and one of his tshirts did the needed covering-up), and boy was it wonderful to feel buoyant.  1 hour in the pool and all my swelling went down.  Glorious. 

Anywho, onto today's post so it won't be a week late either.  But first, check out that tired looking pregnant lady:
May 6, 2011
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