Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 34

May 3rd, 2011
Pregnancy brain has hit as I now cannot remember what happened at all this week. I honestly cannot remember anything.  I guess it's been quiet!  Except for the weather which has kept me up many nights working.  On the plus side, I will be on maternity leave during tornado season so won't have to deal with the biggest drama. 

I hosted my sister's bridal shower tea party on Sunday and it was wonderful.  Her friends are so lovely, the food was all amazing, and it turned out beautifully. I hope she truely enjoyed it because it was just charming. Her big wedding bonanza is the 14th in Austin, so we drive down the day before (friday) and will leave Sunday.  Please baby, cooperate.  You can come any day after the 16th!  Then she goes on her honeymoon from the 17th to the 27th, which means for 10 days that there is a good chance she'll miss the birth. 

Which would mean Coach would be in the delivery room with me.


Which means: I might kill him.

It's like Survivor.  But more dangerous.  :) 

We go back to the doctor a week from today.  This is the last time we go 2 weeks between visits.  Next time we have our big "birth plan" talk.  I've written out the one on BabyCenter because I liked it a lot.  I also included some items to remind Coach to tell the nurse (i.e. no pacifiers under any circumstances, don't put the eye medicine on until after I breastfeed) after he's born and in L&D should I be too out of it (exhaustion or whatever) to remember myself.  Plus to tell her not to even offer me pain meds, I don't even want to hear the word epidural because it'll make me panic just thinking about how sick it could make me.  So that'll be good.

What's even better is that after the next visit, if I go into labor they just let me deliver!  Sweet! Which means, bring on the spicy food and every other "remidy" to try and get this little boy here.  My sister, brother-in-law and I went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Fort Worth (it might be called a dive but the food is amazing and the owner, Mama, is hilarious and provides endless entertainment) on Friday.  She was already offering to provide extra spices to put me into labor and this lady I would totally believe could send you into labor.  She's just that hilarious.  So maybe we'll be going back for some of my favorite Red Curry and a side of labor. :) haha.  Hard to believe we're only about a month away! What!
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