Thursday, April 21, 2011

Registry Rant

Just a little one. I promise.  So here's the deal, you sign up for a registry based on their items and their discount.  But mostly for the discount because as far as baby stuff goes, most baby stores all carry the same thing in different prices (Babies R Us is always more expensive, whatever).  Some will even price match, but you have to have the competitors ad.  Still, that's fine.  When you register it asks for your Due Date.  You enter that. oh yay! Registries!

Then you have your shower, knowing whatever you don't get you will purchase afterwords with your 10%, 15% or whatever "completion discount".  A certain store registry who will remain nameless (target, ahem ahem) sends your completion discount out 4 weeks before your "event date" (aka your due date).  4 weeks!  What?  That's putting a mother at 36 weeks. They SEND it at 36 weeks, then it takes 10-14 days to get to you. Then another 10-14 days to get any items (should you be like me and want the items that are online, because they don't carry the #1 ranked car seat or mattress or anything in the actual store).  What the HELL!  Also, you can't find ANY information about their completion discount on their help site, the registry site, or anywhere!  So I called and got 8 different answers from 4 different people on 4 different days to try and get my stinking 10% off!  I need my carseat, my mattress, my matress protector, my breast feeding pillow, etc etc etc here people!  Hormonal Pregnant Lady Alert!!

So pissed off!  4 weeks! 4 weeks before your baby is due is not enough time! Your carseat should be installed 5 weeks before!  You could go into labor at any time! Plus, what if you're a lucky person with a high risk pregnancy who is induced or c-sectioned at 36 weeks! what the eff.... 

So basically, fuck you target registry. I ended up winning anyway but had to talk to Chuck in Bombay to get a 10% discount on my order and had to do it all over the phone, repeating myself 800 times.  And not to be a crazy person, but don't lie to me and tell me you're in Des Moines or somewhere: american's do not read telephone numbers off as 1888-9-333.  That's europe you imbicile, I fucking lived there.
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