Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nursery Transformation

Well here we are, it's almost done. So in order to appreciate how far it's come, here is where we started to where we are today:
sheer chaos! yikes!!!
this photo makes me twitch!
and today, April 26--still have some work but pretty good!
the dogs don't know what to do with all the smells in here
The mobiles I made:
over the crib
over the changing pad
And someone is waiting patiently for his little brother to arrive:

Hard to believe it's almost done! We are going to put 3 staggered shelves up on the long wall opposite the changing table.  We'll put books and nick-knacks there.  I'll also put his military bear there too to keep it safe until he's older and ready to play with it.  It feels good to have it all in. The car seat base is installed. Coach thinks I'm crazy, but I don't want to be worrying about it.  It only took a second to install but gives me a ton of mental peace.  The seat itself is sitting by my labor bag, I moved it after taking the photos (other bag is still being packed), also so the dogs can smell it and get used to it and hopefully not notice the crying, pooping, fussing baby as much and get worried when we bring him home.  Although I think they'll be fine. They've gotten so protective of me, they know something is up.  Yay!!!! 5 more weeks!
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