Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Want a Change... I Think

I've been debating on whether to continue letting my hair grow out.  My initial plan to was to grow it out for the ease of being able to put it in a pony tail when the baby was little.  However, I seem to have forgotten than when it's long it takes hours to dry and looks like butt even if I whip it into a pony tail the second I get out of the shower.  Add to the fact that it takes a ridiculous amount of mouse for it to look decent curly, or a ridiculous amount of time to blow dry and straighten it, and I'm debating on whether to cut it to chin-length again. it seems to do best that length and I look usually less round in the face when it frames it better.  And since I've got an awesome pregnant lady pudge going on (in my opinion), it's looking like the "gel and go" short cut is sounding better and better.  Downside: impossible to put up.  Which would stink during delivery. 

So I need your opinions. What you think?
My Sister's Graduation last May
Soccer Banquet in early April
On a weird note: I'm pregnant in both these photos.  We had just found out and hadn't even told the family in the first one, then found out about the miscarriage 2 weeks later.  I'm 32 weeks in the second.  What a year, but look where we are: after all that waiting and pain the dream is so close to reality.  Anywho.... back to hair.

Cut it or grow it out?
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