Friday, April 8, 2011


So it occured to me after talking with Bethany and discussing furniture that I totally keep forgetting about the whole "we still haven't found a glider" issue.  As in the comfy ones I love do not fit me.  As in the top of the back comes about to my shoulder blades and would not support my head (I am freakishly long waisted, short legs).  And I'm not a fan of the other kind because I know this furniture will eventually make it's way into our bedroom or livingroom and would look out of place. 

So I finally got on it and started searching for glider. And I kind of wanted a leather one (wipeable, durable, and would look nice in our livingroom evenutally).  But I hate the look of most recliners... they're too poofy for some reason.  however, this one popped up and I immediately fell in love.  It looks like a club chair!  And it's a glider and recliner, so Coach is immediately a fan.  Although it's not real leather, which gives me a little doubt.... but not enough to not check it out.
Image from Ashley Furniture
Maybe not traditional looking for a glider for a baby's room, but I love it.  It doesn't have a matching ottoman, but that's really no big deal as I doubt we'll use it.  Ironically (or coincidentally) it's from Ashley Furniture so I'm going to go test drive it and (pray) it comes up high enough.  Because it is winning my heart. 

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