Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cord Blood Donation

So after Janet posted information some months ago about cord blood donation, I got looking into my options. There were two centers that I found that collect here in Texas, although there are unfortunately not any participating hospitals in Fort Worth (there’s only 1 in Dallas too).  Naturally, that didn't stop me from seeing if I could still donated.  As someone who doesn’t want to pay for cord blood storage for many reasons (cost only being one of them), and Be The Match member, I had already thought about how to donate our baby’s cord blood. It’s so valuable and this saves lives. That this new beautiful member of our family could already save someone else, or help produce research that could save many, is an amazing program and amazing opportunity. Then began my research (which I clued my doctor in on at about 18 weeks and she said she would be on board with the donation process, also a very important step).

  1. The first donation center is through the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center's, Texas Cord Blood Bank.   You can email them before your 34th week of pregnancy (although sooner is better) to receive a kit and instructions. 
  2. The second, is to donate to the MD Anderson Cord Blood Bank for use in cancer treatments and research.  After all the amazing things MD Anderson did for Preston's cancer care, I decided to really invest some time into researching their options.  I called them at 1-866-869-5111 when I was around 20 weeks. They were amazingly nice and easy to deal with.  Totally thrilled to be able to do this!
And straight from the Texas Blood website, listen to these benefits!
  1. There is no risk to the donor.
  2. There are fewer immune complications.
  3. This program is not controversial and has the support of the faith communities.
  4. Over 8,000 cord blood transplants have already been performed worldwide.
  5. Possible future uses include cardiac or neurological repair.
Why not! What a great program! I’m so excited to be able to do this for someone who deserves this live saving chance!
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