Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 33

Holy crap.  I never realize how huge I look until someone takes a photo.  My co-worker took that one at work with my phone (hence the horrible quality) but it shocked even me.  Boy that shirt is working hard.  It'll feel good to be 34 weeks tomorrow.  Less than 6 weeks until my due date.  Although I swear this guy will be early.  Call it female intuition, call it insane pregnant lady, or false hopes, whatever--I just think he will be.

We had our 34 week appointment yesterday and I was full of questions and concerns.  From here on out we talk about labor and delivery concerns and plans.  Next time I have my group B Strep culture.  But we spent most of the time talking about my overwhelming fear he'll be here even before 36 weeks because of all the Braxton Hicks.  And Sunday night I had true contractions every 10 minutes for an hour and a half.  And let me tell you, they aren't anything to sneeze at. She said if it happens again and I have them for 2 hours to just go straight to Labor and Delivery because she wants me evaluated.  But she did follow that up with a "you are almost to the point Colleen where we just let you deliver, so do not worry."  Ha. She did check my cervix again and it's still way up there and totally sealed shut, which is great -- not only because if it hadn't been I would have been put on bedrest. 

I asked her if my thoughts on an earlier than 40 week delivery were rational with all this uterine activity and while she said there is no way to tell, it may be an indication that my labor may be faster than most first time moms.  She said she's seen that more than she could predict an early delivery with people with lots of BH and contractions, but that it's not an exact science until we're there and it's game-on.   She did reassure me in saying that I am identifying what are real contractions vs false labor vs BH, so if it happens again for the 2 hour deal just go to L&D.  Nice to know you're not crazy and know exactly what she wants me to do.  Not knowing what the procedure is, is quite possibly more nerve wracking than the actual labor pains. 

Back to the contractions, I knew something was up when I was in the shower and the bottom of my belly felt like it would fall out.  Then it took me about 30 minutes to brush my teeth and put lotion on because I kept having to bend over (standing up = screaming muscle pain).  I walked to the bed, still trying to convince myself they were just bad BH but I couldn't even roll into bed because the muscle pain started in my lower back and reached around straight to my belly and up under my ribs with a big tight muscle feeling.  when each contraction was releasing my stomach muscles felt like when your leg/arm falls asleep and it's tingling.  It was unreal.  Coach tried to ask me questions for how to help me but I couldn't even hear him I swear when I was having one, I was just totally paying attention to my body and each breath was like a relief.  That hour and a half went so fast.  Just like when I've thought I was having real contractions before, my biggest anxiety was whether or not to call or just go to L&D.  The pain was manageable.  I've learned that in between them to tell Coach to do whatever I need him to because I just close my eyes and focus on my body during them and I block everything out.  His hands on my back or belly felt wonderful.  Then they stopped as suddenly as they'd started.  It was bizarre.  But I was so exhausted I fell right asleep, I don't even remember being relieved--just passing out.

The target order from hell is still jacked up, they shipped the dumb items (baby jeans, body wash, etc) but all our big items (car seat, mattress, breast feeding pillow) have been delayed 3 times now.  I'm getting really PO'd about the whole ordeal.  His room is adorable though regardless, I need to post photos even though we haven't built the little book shelves yet.  It's so peaceful in there!  I go in there just to relax a lot.  Coach even took a hella-long nap on Saturday in the glider, I couldn't find him but opened the door and he was splayed out in there.  Made me laugh so hard I woke him up.  :)
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