Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 31

Gosh this week has stunk a big one.  I started having Braxton Hicks (BH) Thursday and they got worse Friday.  I talked to the nurse for my Dr Friday and she told me that if they didn't calm down to go to L&D to be monitored.  I went home and slept for about 3 hours before Coach's soccer banquet, where the continued, but didn't feel like they were as frequent.  Had a few Saturday.  Sunday had them during lunch so bad I could barely eat so I spent most of the day laying on my left side drinking water.  They've been happening all week.  Luckily today is my Dr's appointment.  I have a huge list of concerns this time. 

On a good note, the furniture was delivered Saturday morning and looks great. Coach liked how simple it was and how it will transition easily from baby to kiddo furniture, that it's not as fu-fu as the stuff we looked at together and hated.  I washed all the hand-me-downs, sheets, blankets, burp cloths, and the quilt.  Everything is all put away and ready.  I unpacked some diapers and wipes, put them away for use in the dresser (we're also using it as our changing table).  I put our swing together.  It all looks so ready.  As far as furniture we're just waiting on the crib mattress, which I'll buy after my baby shower Saturday, and the glider.

We went to Ashley Furniture after church Sunday.  I tried the glider/rocker out and loved it.  It also happened to be on sale so we bought it.  It will arrive in 2 weeks at the store and Coach will go pick it up.  So that's it for his room!  Although I kind of wish I'd ordered the night stand with the furniture.... depending on finances I may order it in the end.  We'll see. 

It feels amazing to have everything almost done.  Especially with this feeling that he may come early I've been having since all these contractions started. So if he does, at least everything big is done.  The pack-n-play is even ready and in place in our bedroom.  Really the biggest thing we'd need to bring him home is the car seat, which we'll have to get if he does come early.  But we'd have a while as he'd most likely have a (hopefully short) stay in the NICU. And if he doesn't, we've got plenty of time for it to arrive here after I get around to ordering it. 

Home stretch either way.... calm, serene..... no stress... or at least I'm trying.  right?
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