Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 30

9 weeks left!  If he comes now he'll be fine, he'll spend a little while in the NICU but mostly to put weight on.  Just knowing that is a huge relief.  He would be fine.  Although the blood pressure issues are getting more frequent, so that's weird and I've got to talk to them very seriously about it during my appointment.  He's packing on the pounds, although so am I.  I'm getting way too close to my "scary/must not get there" maternity weight--despite all my healthy eating and best intentions.  We go to the doctor a week from today and then it's every 2 weeks until the last month.  Tomorrow we have our 3rd (of 5) Lamaze classes, we have our breastfeeding class on the 17th, and my shower on the 16th.  Furniture arrives Saturday.  Everything is falling into place in the next 2 weeks to have us ready for him to arrive. 

It is incredibly real that he's coming.  I'm having braxton hicks regularly, the false labor has disappeared (thank gosh, fingers crossed), I'm getting massive and filling out/stretching to the limit all my maternity clothes.  I can no longer get away with wearing non maternity workout pants with the exception of a pair of shorts that were huge before and low-rise.  I'm starting to throw things into my hospital bag in the bathroom as they come out of the wash.  I mean seriously,  not only am I pregnant (what? seriously?) but I'm having a child... in 2 months.

Scary thought: if they suddenly change their mind or something and something goes wrong and want him out at 36 weeks, he will be here in 1 month--as in 5 weeks, as in, like holy shizzle. 

We are going to be parents.  This baby is going to call us Mommy and Daddy.  When he falls and scrapes his knee's, he's going to come crying into my arms.  He's going to change our lives forever.  We're no longer just married people, we have a CHILD.  I'm ready but I think it's just knocking me back a bit that it's real.  I'm not scared, but I am kind of dazed the last few days.  Don't know why, but I am.  Seriously.  I'm someone's MOM. 
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