Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Diary: 32 Weeks

Wow this week has been intense.  He's growing by leaps and bounds, putting on about half a pound a week and I'm feeling every bit of it.  Every body part is recognizable as he pushes around in my abdomen.  I got a good elbow to the side today that made me gasp.  Those bones are hardening.  The Braxton Hicks are happening more and more and more.  I'm doing relaxation techniques hoping they'll help. They don't.  But I do feel less stressed, although that could also be because we're ALMOST DONE!

Now the furniture is in, the glider is in, the clothes are washed, the blankets put away, the room clean, the diapers put together, the toys have their place, and the books are stacked.  We still have some things to do (shelves above the changing table for the books, get the mattress in, get the car seat in, finish hanging a few things we got at the shower) but if he came today, we'd be ready.  We have everything he needs.  Wow.  We're having a baby in less than 6 weeks probably!  WOWWWWW!!!

I feel like I need to devote a whole post to the shower once I get the photos from my mother-in-law.  It was so incredible.  This little guy is wanting for NOTHING.  Some absolutely adorable things (like this, this, this, this, this, definitely this, and oh yeah... this), and so many thoughtful and amazing gifts from so many people.  I opened gifts for ever and I was so overcome with the thoughtfulness of so many.  A homemade quilt, some items from moms who know what I need even though I didn't, some hilarious items that I cannot wait to use (like this), and then the practical items like our monitor and our changing pad.  It was overwhelming.  Amazing.  There are a few gifts that make me cry when I hold them even now, especially Janet's--so many good things about her gifts that make me want to hold my little boy close and smell his sweet smell already.  I'm so ready for him to be here to hold and sing to.  Sweet boy.

I have a feeling I'm carrying a May baby and he'll be here in less than 6 weeks.  I guess only time will tell, but we'll see.  Still, 6 weeks is not that long although it feels like it is crawling.  I must finish reading all my birthing books soon.  We had our breastfeeding class Sunday, enlightening although weird to watch a middle aged lady grab her boobs for 4 hours, and our last Lamaze class is tomorrow.  All ready!!  The hospital tour last week was amazing, the L&D rooms are huge and beautiful (the postpartum rooms are about half the size and still nice, but small for sure).  It feels nice to know where to go during what hours, what the procedure is, and what it'll be like at the hospital--I feel really reassured.  The last thing I want is to wander around the hospital trying to figure out which of the towers to go to while having contractions.  That would SUCK.  I'm feeling pretty at peace with everything.  Labor doesn't scare me.  I'm looking forward to it, the finality of it--he'll be here soon, the pain is temporary.  A means to an end. A beautiful baby.
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