Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Quilt

Before we get to the load of photos of the quilt, I want to show you the insanity that is the baby's closet right now. 
What you can barely see on the right hand shelves is our billion DVDs that are currently residing there (and as I mentioned in my previous post, on the floor outside the closet).  What you can see clearly are the receiving blankets (not all for 'lil bear, some of those are for friends that I made a while ago and will send to them eventually), burp cloths, the fitted crib sheets (2) I made, the quilted accent pillow, 2 nursing covers, 2 diaper wipes cases, diaper holder, his nightlight, the 3 wet bags (2 small 1 large), 2 changing pad covers, and all the stuff we've been already given (pacifiers, UT booties, etc.).  Also, that white bag on the floor is my diaper bag, the bin has baby decorations, there's a huge box of formula samples and coupons too, and then all the rest is stuff waiting for furniture so we can decorate.  It is, to put it nicely, a mess!!

So back to what you came for, the Quilt!
This is the darning foot I got last Friday to make the free motion quilting style I checked out here and loved.
Here it is in action on the actual quilted pieces.

This was around the point I ran out of thread and had to stop Sunday.  I was so close to finishing the quilting part!  If only I hadn't had to rip out so much in the beginning when I was figuring out how to get the tension and needle speed to co-mingle without arguing.  Once I figured it out, it went wicked fast. I finished that bit up Monday after I took the blanket up to work to utilize the huge dining table over in the Fire side to trim off the excess, square it out, and get it ready for the binding.  Doing the binding was a cinch with the walking foot. I'm pretty sure it would have been impossible without that attachment as it was going through 3 layers of blanket and 2 layers of quilting binding. Such a breeze!

And here he is in all his glory (Puffy Puppy is also lingering in the background)! by some amazing miracle I found binding that is the EXACT same color as the teal in the fabric.  It went perfectly and looks amazing next to the brown minky too.  I used a light green thread to quilt it, so everything is all tied in with the different colors in the coordinating fabrics.
Another shot with the minky backside showing.  This blanket is so soft and perfect!
I even challenged myself and signed it using the darning foot.  That was a pain in the bottom, but I think it's pretty cool that I thought to do it.  Coach reminded me that I probably should have dated it, but oh well.  I think it is still amazing.

Will I ever do another quilt? Probably not, except for the next baby.  It was a lot of work and I learned a lot.  My machine's regular length arm also made it a bit challenging to quilt the center bits and weird parts of my arms are sore from pushing it around.  But overall, I am so freaking proud of the final (albeit imperfect) product. Plus I love that all his blankets and sheets are all made by me, the personal touch just warms my heart.  That he'll cuddle with this blanket for years.  I can't wait to see how soft and used it gets.  

Just think, in not so many months and years I'll be tucking his little feet in with this blanket at night. Kissing his pudgy, sweet cheeks, and he'll call me Mommy. Omg. PREGNANCY HORMONES! ah! :)
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