Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Stranger!

Coach's soccer team lost in the first round of playoffs and so he is now home at 3-3:30 every day, rested, and feeling like a normal person.  School is winding down.  After a full day of he and his dad wiring and finishing the install of insulation/sheetrock, electrical outlets, and an additional breaker box in the garage on Saturday--we took a fun day Sunday.  We exchanged some DVDs for a new Wii game he'd been wanting for ages:
Wii Family Game Night 1 and 2
We enjoyed some Yatzee and Battleship until way past our bedtimes.  It was so much fun.  we haven't played our Wii in ages so it was nice to see it on our huge 60".  We are currently tied in both games with a scheduled rematch tonight.  Bring it ON!  :) 

I did gardening on Saturday (which if you know my hate/hate relationship with all of nature, was not something I was looking forward to), put down 4 bags of topsoil, 2 bags of planting soil, and 2 huge bags of mulch after planting 2 flats of hearty, indestructible herbs to fill up our empty flower beds in the front.  It looks so much better. I guess nesting even applies to front yards as I'm waiting for the furniture to arrive in the next few weeks.  I had to wear latex gloves to prevent my skin from coming in contact with all the weeds I was pulling (not joke, if I'd touched them for any amount of time I would have been covered in hives and running gasping for my inhaler into the house to scrub my whole body down in the shower), but it went ok thanks to my good friend benadryl.  Winning.  :)

Yay for productivity!! Woop Woop! AND the guy finally came last thursday to measure for our built-ins, we should be getting the drawings in the next few days!  So excited! 
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