Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congratulations to my Beautiful Friend!

You may or may not remember various references to my "Austin Girls" throughout the past.  Trips to Austin for weekend girls nights, etc.  Well these ladies and I have been friends since high school, some of them have been friends since long before that, I met them all during my Choir years and we got really close during our intensive hours in Show Choir.  We've managed, for the most part, to stay friends all this time.  

One of these ladies has been a great source of strength for me through this whole pregnancy, especially in the beginning.  We're in similar places in our lives and she is in the medical field, so we have talked about lots of the .... more TMI aspects of pregnancy and trying to get pregnant until we're both blue in the face.  

Where am I going with this? She's pregnant!! YAYYYY!!!! She's going to be a great mom and I am beyond excited for her and that I can spread the news for beautiful Bethany and her lovely husband David!
Bethany and I, way back in 2007
OOOOHHH so excited for another baby even if they live in San Antonio! YIPPIE!
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