Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Maybe I'm crazy (Coach, don't answer that) but I swear this little boy has his Daddy's chin.  Like big time.  I already think his head is shaped just like Coach's, now we've got some cute chin action going on.  Our sono was great yesterday and my placenta has moved (yes!), which means I'm officially off the high risk AND c-section lists.  HAPPY DANCE!

We're taking a Lamaze class starting on the 24th (for 5 weeks). I read Ina May's great natural childbirth book a few weeks ago and loved the general message from it.  If nothing else it really made me feel secure in the fact that my body can do ANYTHING.  I really am more afraid of having some kind of allergic reaction to any drugs in the epidural than I am of any pain caused by birth.  I'm trying to prepare mentally because I know that is more than half the battle. That and staying home as long as humanly possible before being strapped to a hospital bed for delivery.  If my water breaks, yes I'll go but until then or my contractions get close, I'm going to suffer in misery at my own comfortable house.  Or that's the plan.  But we know how good those go.  So I ordered both these books:
I know, bla bla bla I'm crazy.  But I hate preachy weird people and don't want to get annoyed with the process by taking tons of these "earth mother" classes. I like reading and absorbing.  We'll see. 

Also, i already got my glucose screening test results back and we passed with flying colors! Which is great because I really wanted to avoid that 3 hour glucose test.  But my iron levels are low (normal is 11.5-15 and mine were 11.6), so they'll take them again at my next appointment in April.  We wait 4 weeks for our next appointment then start going every 2 weeks, then every week for the last month.  12 weeks! Insanity! I want to hold him! eek!
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