Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 28

This week has been great.  The baby shower in Austin, feeling pretty good, sleeping like a rock, he's getting bigger and his movements are HUGE now, and ordering his furniture--it's great!  The crib should be shipped any day and the dresser will arrive later by delivery.  I decided just to purchase the double dresser for now and forgo the smaller dresser until we get the big things in there and see how it looks.  I am playing with the frame arrangement on the wall above the dresser for now--trying to figure out which ones to put where, much like they did over at YHL.  I think I need to keep my eyes out for some non-frame cute items for the wall.  I'll have to start going back to my standbys of Ross and Hobby Lobby to randomly check the merchandise for items to contribute. :)

We start Lamaze this week, it's every Thursday night for 5 weeks. We get all kinds of birth and hospital information, in addition to a tour of the hospital and delivery/post-partum areas.  We have our breastfeeding class in April.  We're getting close enough that everything is feeling real--both emotionally and physically.

He is getting so big that every time he moves you can see my stomach move, not just when he flip flops or has a big movement.  My stomach is in a constant state of flux.  I rest my hands on the top of my stomach because it breaks up the area between my huge boobs and my tummy that gets uncomfortable now (I think because my ribs and boobs get all up in each other's business if I don't), but he will headbutt my hands if he thinks I'm getting too comfy.  My whole hand will pop up.  It's so cool and weird.  Silly baby.

The ligaments under my belly get really really tight and hurt a lot when he's laying hammock style in that area.  I have to lay down until he moves because it hurts so bad.  The doctor said this is normal for the muscles as he continues to get bigger and bigger.  I'm already looking forward to the next doctors visit, which isn't until April 13th!  They start to get interesting now! Yay! Hard to believe that if I go into labor any time after May 12th they just let me deliver--that seems so close now, especially since next week is April! What!  but still far away... which is reassuring because I feel like we have nothing done. 

So excited.  He's excited too because he keeps hitting my elbow as I'm typing and jacking my hands up. haha.  big boy!
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