Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Diary: Week 27

Hard to believe we've not only made it through the second trimester but two-thirds of this whole pregnancy.  12 weeks left! wow!  As of our big appointment monday he is 2.5lbs and 15 inches, about the 50th percentile--exactly on target to keep our June 9th due date.  3 months.  I'm starting to get what I'm sure is the beginning of nesting.  It is driving me nuts not to be able to start getting his bedroom together.  Here's the short list of what we have to do for his nursery:
  • Order his furniture & matress
  • Deliver the double bed in the room to Coach's parents house
  • Remove the DVDs from their current location on the floor of the nursery
  • Replace the curtain rod
  • Get blinds put in his room
  • Put the furniture together
  • Arrange the furniture
  • Hang his mobiles (one above the crib, another above the changing pad)
  • Decorate the walls--I have a general idea for one wall but no idea for most of it
  • Clean out and organize his closet
  • Wash all his bedding and hand-me-down clothes and gifts
Crib mattresses are stumping me. I registered for an organic one because I've read about the nasty chemicals they coat regular crib matresses with and how they may be related to various asthma triggers and maybe even SIDS.  They are extremely expensive, but organic ones are the only ones not to use these chemical "treatments".  Or do I just buy the $99 one and put an organic mattress pad on it? UGH! What to do!  I need to decide fairly soon! Ugh. This is my only remaining baby delema. 
Random pregnancy note: When he is low (even lower than usual) I pee every 15 minutes almost because he's basically camped on my bladder.  The next day if he moves I could go hours like a normal person, it's totally a sign of what is to come when he gets REALLY big and drops.  Usually after about 36 weeks. Today I've peed like 12 times, never more than a teaspoon. But I am clenching all day because it feels like you are constantly about to pee on yourself. It's such an annoying feeling.

In case you missed it, here are all 27 weeks of my Baby Diary. :)
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